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Brandon has a new site, never give up v(^_^)V, maybe he'll actually post to this one:-P


These are some crazy robot suit...things.


More Robot Grunts Ready for Duty. This time they're armed with guns and ambulance capabilities.


Well, the Civilian Warthog was faked. Not a big surprise, but I was hoping it was somehow a secret in the game.

Korea hopes to catch up to Japan in terms of robotics, starting with the KHR-3.

There's a post on Gamefaqs that seems to have found a video(copy and paste: ) of what could be an unused/secret vehicle in Halo 2, the Civilian Warthog. Either that, or it's just hacked. Also, theres a fun tank jumping video via a torrent.


Now that the Nintendo DS is finally out, I thought I'd repost my ideas on what this "Demasked" service is. Based off the few clues I've seen, it's supposed to be something that lets you feel "connected" with other people, so you're not alone. I found this patent application, could it be Demasked has been demasked?

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