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2004 Ethnic Cleansing Awards. The 25 Worst & Most Annoying Newsmakers of the Past Year.


Orange Christmas Trees available in Ukraine. Man, I want one.

Much like ASIMO, it seems QRIO has some new moves, or at least moves I haven't seen before.

Google Infoglobe. "It’s a message center. It’s a clock. It’s a calendar. Heck, this cool phone accessory is all three. The Google Infoglobe displays Caller ID (name and number) via a scrolling LED message center in large, easy-to-read characters. Voicemail subscribers also see a message-waiting alert.The Infoglobe is also a clock with date and time stamp (including automatic daylight saving time adjustment). And then there’s the 100-year calendar for easy reference."


Honda Reveals Technologies for Next-Generation ASIMO.

Biohybrid limbs for amputees.

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