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The new Nintendo Revolution controller looks like a cross between an iPod Shuffle and a remote control.

More info here:
- Controller is held in one hand. Attachments in the other.
- Attachments connect to the bottom of the controller. Iwata shows analog stick attachment.
- Thinking about packing Revolution with the main controller and attachment, Iwata says.
- Controller acts like a mouse in real-space 3D. Pefect for FPS games!
- Future attachments planned.

Don't worry, if this all seems too drugged out, you can always plug a normal Gamecube controller into the thing, "Is this all too much or just too odd to really believe? Purists shouldn’t worry too much, as the Revolution features four GameCube controller ports in the top for more, shall we say, standard third-party games that dare not operate outside the functionality of a normal controller."

I do however, like the fact that you can hold it sideways and it becomes much like an NES controller. That should make playing emulated NES games much more fun.

I think I want the analog stick attachment cable to be longer:(

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