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This Every10Minutes Contest is pretty interesting. Apparently you enter codes from some sort of Pepsi product(yuck) and you can enter into drawings for an Xbox 360. There is a drawing for multiple hours on a day broken up into 10 minute increments. So for example, you'd select today, choose an hour, and then within that hour choose a 10 minute increment to enter your point into.

The odds are probably better than most contests, so it's worth a shot. I think the odds are much better than that eBay contest too, since they're variable in this one and the most I've seen was 1 in 1024 so far.

Also, you can enter multiple points for a time slot, up to 500 (who would have that many sodas on hand?). So give it a shot if you're feeling lucky. Or if your school happens to be sponsered by Pepsi and they don't sell any other products there...

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