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I can't write this title any better myself: Dancing Robots Save Japan


Roboshark to hunt tourists. Awesome, cue the Jaws theme.

I think I need a Donk to ride around in a desert somewhere...


Wired News: Real World Doesn't Use a Joystick. Ahh, so true, although luckily it only affects my thoughts, not my actions. Otherwise Burnout 3 or GTA would have caused me quite a bit of trouble in real life. I'm also pretty sure I would have broken something if I had followed through with my "Grind it!" thoughts after playing Tony Hawk. However, Sims 2 does provide a nice, easy to follow formula in order to pick up chicks. Now if only I spoke Simish...

Wow Wee Dictates Real-Life Robots. The monkey head looks fairly realistic.


CNN to cancel 'Crossfire'. "CNN/U.S. President Jonathan Klein sided Wednesday with comedian Jon Stewart, who used a "Crossfire" appearance last fall to rip the program as so much hackery."

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