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Want to make your own surround sound headphones?

I had been wary of things like, but then I saw they had and my curiosity over-rode my cautiousness. So, I did some searching and found out that apparently these companies do actually give out the free prizes. Apparently you go here, type in your email and a password, click no through a million surverys and then pick out an offer to do (I picked one of the credit cards, cause I figure I can always cancel it and it's free anyway).

After that, you get ten people to sign up for the same type of thing you did and it should say shipped. So yeah, click the link and try it I guess, I'd like to stick a Mac Mini in my car as the headset:) I'll have to post here if I get enough people signed up and the thing ships.

Oh, one of the offers that isn't free but could be useful is the Blockbuster one. It's like Netflix, with the movies sent to your home, 3 out at a time, blah blah blah. This guy recommends it as well.

*Note: Make sure you turn off your pop-up blocker for the site or else you won't see one of the windows, mainly the one that gives you instructions for the offer*


Here's some reasons (i.e. games) why the Dreamcast was and is still so awesome.

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