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Another reason to go to Japan. Multi-format content vending machines.

There's a neat little spherical roving security robot linked to by engadget. It can go through all sorts of terrain, although probably not over many obstacles.

Have a wide screen DVD by MGM? You may have gotten screwed over. It seems all they did was chop off the tops and bottoms of their pan & scan versions of the film, so it's actually less of the movie than fullscreen. Of course, someone caught on to this and thats why you can mail in your DVD before March 31 for replacement.


Try out the new Google Video Search. It's pretty neat, although still fairly basic. I can't wait for the day when we can actually view the video, but I guess thats a little bit further down the line.


As some sort of incentive for the FreeMacMini thing, I can offer Gmail acounts to 6 people that click the link and complete one of the offers. I will just send the invite to whatever email adress you use. Thats about the best I can come up with for now.

Some guy in Bethlehem, Pa decided to take some guy out with a katana.

Injured? How about being treated by a 4 armed remote control robot.

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