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Stumbled across this test to see which Halo 2 character you are. I'm a brute, which pretty much makes me the traitor of halo 2. Take that everyone.


Video of the new Robo Raptor, Robosapien V2 and Robopet coming out. The thing looks vicious. The new Robosapien can actually get up from a prone position.


Theres a review of the "holographic" bluetooth keyboard here. Reminds me very much of Washu's keyboard (from Tenchi Muyo).

Apparently World of Warcraft can be pretty exciting. Night of the Naked Gnomes. "A bunch of gamers who play warriors decided Saturday night to create new Gnome characters and hop around in mass on the Argent Dawn server because they are ticked about the way their character class was adjusted in an update." The best part is the video of the guy killing the gnomes being overrun by 150 of them.

Car vs. Telephone Wires.

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