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"Roboclimber is a four tonne robot able to climb vertical slopes and drill deep holes into solid rock walls - typically the first step in the procedure to stabilise walls at risk of landslides." Pics, here.

Scientists building a better bionic ear. It seems it mimics the human cochlea in function and could allow for better speech recognition for computers and robots or even be used for artificial ears.

Sony To Release 4 Movies On UMD For the PSP. Looks like Reisdent Evil 2, XXX, Hellboy, and Once Upon A Time in Mexico. I also seem to recall reading that Spider-man 2 will be released on UMD when the PSP launches in the US. I'm not sure the UMD format is headed anywhere unless Sony lets people burn their own, but I guess we'll have to wait and see.

Looks like my brother has updated his site with some cool animations and what-not, so take a look: squidlife illustration and web design


Apparently, studying octopus arms may lead to better robotic arms. Rather than a jointed mechanical arm trying to grasp at something, you could have a flexible arm that wraps around the object and manipulates it.

CMU building armored robot for U.S. Marines. Interesting article about robots being used for warfare.

Theres a whole bunch of nice phots of hacked robots. The sites in French though, so the text may not help much.

Apparently the X-box 2/X-box 360 or whatever it will be called will be out this year, probably in the fall.

You can click but you can't hide. Yeah, thanks for the mafia scare tactics, MPAA. Best quote:
"And I like MPAA's little adds[sic] in the movie theatres how they show this poor set designer who claims the pimply-faced hackers stole his money. Why don't they show the billionaire owners and executives of the studios? I can almost see the add:

[Sad marimba music in the background...]
'Because of the wide-spread piracy the poor CEO of [insert name] studio won't be able to afford a Ferrari for his 16 year old daughter. Look what piracy has done! His daughter will be forced to drive a BMW now. How does that make you feel?'

Here's some really cool pics of a manmade ice cavern/sculpture/thing.


Awesome, a crazy scorpion bot, with video.

Boomerang ants.


Mitsubishi Launches Mini DLP PocketProjector. I think I could fit it in my pocket...


Google has a new direction/map search up, Google Maps.


Who knew there was something called "mermaid syndrome"?

Pretty good augmented reality demo over here. They make some suggestions about the Nintendo Revolution system, but I doubt it'll use anything like this.

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