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There's a great deal of humorous comic book covers here.

Try out this online music maker from Rockstar, Beaterator. It seems really cool for being free.

Cop gives gun safety lesson, example of why gun safety is important ensues.

Here are some videos of the Gizmondo handheld gaming system for your perusal.


Google News has a new customizable layout, it allows you to add custom keywords for your own sections and rearrange everything. Seems like it could be very useful.


Jaws of doom. This thing'll even shred a refridgerator...via AMCGLTD.

Make your own Gameboy Color from one of those "billion in one" joysticks they have at mall kiosks and computer shows.

Arm wrestling robots beaten by a teenage girl. Sad day for robot-kind. But a good thing for International Women's Day.

This FPS demo made in Shockwave is amazing. Hopefully it becomes a full game someday.

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