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"Apparently tired of searching for the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow, a leprechaun robbed a Butte laundry of $322 on the eve of St. Patrick's Day."

Robots wobble but don't fall down.


Can a light saber cut through adamantium? Discuss. Crazy nerd-talk on Fark in all its geekiness.


Here's a good article if you're wondering what DLP TVs are or how they work.


Only YOU have the power to Save Toby! Oh man, this guy is a genius. Look how much he made on donations already. Let's just hope that was his plan and not actually eating the bunny;)


This Marmite commercial is pretty cool. Apparently it gives little kids nightmares! Remember to claim you live in the UK in order to watch it. Btw, Marmite totally isn't nearly as bad tasting as some people claim, although it does have a very distinct aftertaste.


Hybrid Solar Lighting. It uses fiber optic cables to pump sunlight into rooms. With a cool pic.

Hitachi's Robot Walking Assistant.

Visa and the LCD-equipped smart credit card. Hopefully they are out soon and we can eliminate cash altogether.

Robart III rent-a-cop drone. "It detects intruders and caps ‘em with a six-barrel Gatling-style tranquilizer (or rubber bullets, if that’s your pleasure) gun."


RIKEN Develops Snake-like Robot Using Artificial Muscle. No pics on the site, but it "can move forward, step backward and turn around in water." Hopefully the muscles they used will be available for other researchers in the near future.

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