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New Robot Hand 'Feels' When It Touches.

Tokyo zoo penguins in awe of giant penguin on April Fool's Day. The picture is awesome, it's like they're all looking up waiting for a command from their new penguin master.


Google Gulp, because self-deprecating humour is the best type of humour.

Electroplankton. I'm still not quite sure what it is, but the video at least shows some of it.

Punk'd."President Bush today responded to a new report investigating the bogus pre-war intelligence scam that led to war in Iraq by admitting that the whole thing was nothing more than a big prank.
'Gotcha. Heh-heh,' Bush said to a slack-jawed pack of media jackals assembled for the April 1 press conference. 'You been punk'd. Heh-heh.'
Haha, looks like everyone was in on it, too;)

Garden Gnome Liberation Front strikes again!


I mean, seriously, what is that???

Could these be real life insane people? Who knows, either way, I thought it was funny. Except for those weird ghost people I randomly saw in it.

Ha, people try to tell me pirating isn't a real profession and to find some sort of "realistic" job. Here's proof they still exist.



An orange robot chick that's supposed to be the "smartest robot"? What more could I ask for:-P


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