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Minority Report interface created for US military. Man, the military gets all the cool toys.


Toxic Waste + Dog = Mutant dog thingy???

See, gnomes do make good security guards. We need robot gnomes for prisons. :-P


Crazy addictive "launch the guy as far as you can game". My farthest was 3884.49m.


Darpa Wants Replacement Arms by 2009.

SUV Stuck in Ocean. Self explanatory. With picture, of course.

Electroplankton = Awesome. Mine should be arriving any day now, so I'll be sure to add my input as well.

Look, it's gas when it was 'cheap'(circa 2/2/2003)!


Number the third


Random weird photo time from my collection.

Here's a review of Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. The reviewer basically says it doesn't follow the books, nor does it have a coherent plot.

Robot Camel Jockeys. Wow, these headlines practically write themselves.

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