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Xbox 360 Pictures. You can see the headset, controller, camera thingy, and actual X-Box 360.


Apparently Google's Web Accelerator may send copies of sites you might need a password to get into to Google, in order to speed up downloading for everyone. Unfortunately, this means your copy of the site is stored and sent to anyone going onto that site and might cause some issues. Either way, I'd wait till they fix it before using it.


Foreign Accent Syndrome. Haha, from the page "My god, this is a recognized medical condition? A number of years ago, the morning after a particularly high dose of DXM, I awoke to find myself speaking in a bad accent that I could not shake. Everything I said came out sounding like a high-school drama student who had seen too much Monty Python. A friend of mine, who had grown up in the UK, described the accent as that of a "Middle-aged Southeast Asian man sent off to boarding school in Cambridge during early puberty"."

Apparently there is now a Google Web Accelerator? Seems interesting enough to warrant trying.

Augmenting the Animal Kingdom. Cyborg Squirrel, anyone?


This thing is totally getting put on the deck of a ship if I ever get one.

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