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Cockroaches used to drive robots. Huge robots (the cockroaches are pretty big themselves).

Siemens Cell Phone Torture Test Photos. Maybe Alyssa's next phone should be one of these, I think it might be a little harder for her to break it, at least.


Doom Funnel Chasers! Try to plug up the black hole with a ball of duct tape.


"In April, Laura and Edmund Gerstein of Boca Raton, Fla., who want to save their beloved backyard grapefruit tree from the state's citrus canker eradication program, formally claimed immunity for the tree under a provision in the 1949 Geneva Conventions. The Gersteins pointed to a paragraph on protecting crops needed for civilians' survival during wartime, in that, said Edmund, ''As I understand it, (the U.S.) is in a state of war.'' (Responded a state Department of Agriculture spokesman, ''That tree will be coming down.'')"

Lottery Officials almost have a heart attack when 110 people win the lottery using numbers on a fortune cookie.


Apparently we think better lying down. Sounds like a plan next time I get get admonished for sleeping in.

Free Frostys from Wendy's, May 13 through May 15!

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