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Crazy futuristic floating Sea Orbitera. That would make for an interesting pirate vessel, maties (although I'm assuming it'd be internet piracy, since I doubt the thing could outrun anything).

This should be useful, Xbox release dates for the next year or two.

Win a trip into space by drinking 7UP, Sunkist, A&W Root Beer, or Canada dry. This beats the Willy Wonka Chocolate Factory ticket, tooth melting sugar water, here I come!

Comic SWAT, making fun of the costumes of some ridiculous superheros from comic books of yore. Some of them, like Clockman, are just too funny.


Of course, I'll need a robo-mower to accompany all the Roombas.


The Top 100 All-Time Best Movies. I think Seven Samurai should definitely be on that list, although they have Yojimbo so I won't complain too much.

Researchers haul more artifacts from what could be Blackbeard's ship.


Swat Monkey, that funky monkey.

Tony Hawk: American Wasteland preview. It seems it takes place in Los Angeles and is just one huge level. They've also added a BMX to the game.

"A UK futurologist is saying that the Playstation 3 is about one percent as powerful as a human brain"

Please note, filling fluorescent light tubes with flaming gasoline does not make a lightsaber.

I think I'm going to start collecting Roombas. Scooba makes mopping obsolete. I'll just stick a couple of these strategically throughout the house and kick back. Of course, I guess they actually need to have more than a path on the floor in order to clean it...

"Ever get a song stuck in your head, but you missed the DJ announcement of the song name? That's the idea powering a new cell phone-based service called 411-SONG. Just call 866-411-SONG, and hold your phone up to the speaker. 15 seconds later the call ends and the information on your song is displayed on your phone's screen." Of course, there's always the "remember a few random lyrics and type them into Google once you're home" method that I'm fond of (plus it's free).


Cheap Gas, a Google Map hack showing gas stations and the prices of gas in areas surrounding a town.

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