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German restorers find hidden Munch work. Almost makes up for "The Scream" being stolen and burnt.

Arr, Pirate Planks.


Beth, can we have one of these as a pet? I want to train it to greet visitors and I swear the thing is just like the tanooki from Super Mario 3, minus the statue transforming ability. Ignore the fact that it's probably endangered and expensive and impossible to care for...

Here's an easy enough car game, just use the arrow keys to go forward and steer.

Brain Scans Of Those In Love Nearly Identical To Those With Mental Illness. "New research with brain scans finds that new love lights up the part of the brain that is also lit up by thirst, hunger and a craving for drugs." That explains quite a bit, although I won't point out any specific examples in fear of my life (and I'm sure I'd be being hypocritical as well).

Fark's had some awesome headlines up lately, how about this one: "Finally, we can answer that old story problem: "If an eight-year-old leaves home at midnight, and drives 20 miles on a Go-Kart down busy highways, what time will police call his parents to say they've picked him up?""


Speaking of worthless, Jake pointed out the hopelessly uninformative Xbox 360 site. In his words, "if you were actually trying to find something you'd be screwed".

In my search for the nutritional facts of peanut butter (which took way too long for something so simple), I discovered the dumbest thing involving a peanut I've ever seen. Yes, that diagram helps me greatly in understanding the nutritional value of a peanut.

I'm 70/100 censoring! Click to see my self-monitoring personality.


Sock Master's Video Game Controller Family Tree. It shows what Jake and I thought all along - the Xbox controller is just a remade Dreamcast one.


Man killed accidentally by sledgehammer wielded against bat. Reminds me of that crazy guy who was 'field-dressing a turtle' and somehow ended up getting arrested.

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