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What would you do with 2000 superballs? How about a prank.

Halo 3 to Support 50-person Multiplayer?

Defend Your Castle.


Mindtricks & videogaming horror. Not sure if it's real or not, but this person is apparently put into a 'trance' by a videogame and then moved into a location just like the game, thereby freaking him out (especially since the game involved zombies).

Mmm, 2.4GHz Wireless NES Controllers. Wait, you mean it's wrong to want new things for a more than a decade old system (which you still happen to have 2 or 3 functioning units of, no less)?

Big Head Todd and the Coasters. Fun looking, eh?


The robot rebellion has begun! A medical robot named Waldo wandered into the examination room and refused to leave, prompting the doctor and patient to flee.

Homebrew Air Conditioning anyone?

Finger scanner fine-tunes car safety settings. It seems the idea is to scan your bone density and then adjust the airbags and seatbelts accordingly.

Check out thisPrototype Robot Exhibition. This one reminds me of that kid from that latest episode of Doctor Who we watched...the "mommmmy, are you my mommy?" one.

Seed of extinct date palm sprouts after 2,000 years.

Tornado and Rainbow Over Kansas. I hope they tapped their ruby slippers before that thing hit.


Half Life 2 Dominos. Some kid made a domino/Rube Goldberg type thing in Half Life 2 which is pretty cool to watch.

Computers Suck Flash Movie (It's about Macs though:-P).


Greyworld’s interactive robotic trash bins and park benches. Anybody else think these things look just like a bunch of R2D2s?

I totally invented this cellphone holster for women when we were at the parade. And they said I was crazy.

Giant Balls of 'Snot' Explain Ocean Mystery. Good thing too, because I was worried about that 'ocean mystery'.

Numerous Gnomes Nabbed. "A nefarious gnome-napper has nearly wiped out a Weld County woman's beloved yard collection.Elsie Schnorr says someone is stealing her front yard gnomes. Some 30 gnomes belonging to Elsie Schnorr's are gone. Now all she front lawn is wiped clean of creatures and all she has left are pictures."

"Look out for the guys with no tans," Gary says. "They're the dangerous ones."

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