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Rare snow leopards born at Denver Zoo.


The next product to be released by Apple the iPod Flea. Although it's a spoof, it's probably not far from the truth.

Next time you're bored, try making your very own home made sonar. You pretty much just need a microphone and sound card for some interesting results.

Since it's summer and swimming is one of my preferred activities during this season, I thought I'd link up to some wireless music players and accessories. There's an mp3 player out called the Swimman which is supposed to be entirely waterproof, including the headphones. There's a couple of other players here. For those of you that prefer to use some sort of waterproof case for your existing player, there are waterproof headphones available here. Or if you're really feeling adventurous, you could rig up your own underwater speakers, using these hydrophone plans (just substitute a speaker for the microphone and use a larger container). You could build it how it is and listen to dolphins and other undersea creatures, but that's probably dependent upon actually living near a beach of some sort.

Slashdot linked up to this article about data storage on fingernails. Gives new meaning to the word thumbdrive (horrible pun, yes, I know). Anyway, apparently the data is written using laser pulses and should last up to 6 months, barring anything happening to your nails before they grow out.


Crazy little goldfish.

Robot cleans pool without poles, hoses. Way too expensive and not nearly as frightening as having a Rayvac sneak up and slam into your leg when you least expect it.

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