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I am 76% Video Game Addict.
Total Video Game Junky!
I got a problem, man. I may not find the answer to life in a video game. I need to turn off the console or computer, go outside and try some reality for a change.

I don't like that this one is higher than the Evil Genius one...

I am 70% Evil Genius.
Deceitful & Crazy!
Evil courses through my blood. Lies and deceit motivate my evil deeds. Crushing the weaklings and idiots that do nothing but interfere in my doings.

Now those are results I can agree with. I especially liked, "Do you ever root for the bad guy in movies?", because I do that all the time. I feel bad for them, never getting to take over the world or getting the girl or anything...

I am 12% Hippie.
So Not a Hippie.
What? Am I a Republican? Why did I even bother taken this test?! I guess I’ll back to my George W. Bush fan club and tell them I just wasted 10 minutes of my life. At least I don’t stink, man.

Documented proof that I'm not a hippy. So there, Jake.

Test your European geography with this flash game. I got a 67% (30/45). I swear I haven't heard of some of those countries.

Bionic Knee Hits Market. Just wait till people start getting these as enhancements, rather than replacements.

The USS San Antonio seems like it would have made a pretty cool stealth ship, if it didn't have so many problems.

This guy made a tank. To video tornados. With crazy pic.

DIrtY MIRT (Do It Yourself Mobile Infra Red Transmitter), for pretending you're a firetruck I guess. Be careful with this one, changing lights when you're not an emergency vehicle is probably slightly illegal...

Google Maps now has a hybrid view, which makes even cooler than before, which I didn't think could be possible. Beautifully done.


If WWII had happened on the internet. I started laughing halfway through, when Hitler[AoE] went to help T0J0.


Octopi are fairly smart, considering they're just unshelled mollusks. This one learned to open lids.

This dog video is insane. Apparently its foot was trying to steal its own bone so it attacked it...

Google Moon. Don't zoom in too much, it turns into cheese.

This Fold n' Drop idea for dragging objects to windows that are open behind eachother is pretty cool. I don't usually have too much trouble, because I just drag one open window to the other monitor and drag and drop between them, but if you only have one, this is a good idea. Be sure to watch the video or try the java demo to understand what exactly I mean.

Looks like there's some new Google Firefox Extensions. Of course, when I found them, they still weren't up, so by the time you're reading this, they should be working. Teach me to browse the web after midnight.

Squirrel fires are a regular occurrence in a Canadian border town.


Mystery of missing garden gnomes puzzling.

Home Egg McMuffin machine. Cooks your English muffins and eggs at the same time.

Fark Photoshop Contest: If the South had won the Civil War...

Humanoid Robot HR-2. The little guy can walk, talk, and recognise faces.

How to ship a hippo via USPS.


Birds are beginning to mimic cellphone ring tones. Great, now I'll be reflexively checking my pocket for ringing AND being pooped on from above.

Red vs. Blue Soundboard. All sorts of sound bytes from Red vs. Blue for you to play with.

A recent study has predicted that more male Asian elephants in China will be born without tusks because poaching of tusked elephants is reducing the gene pool.


Gnomes rescued from canal.

These people are way more insane than me. Instead of a simple potato light, like I want, they made a potato powered webserver. I think that pretty much puts me in the clear as far as crazy ideas go.

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