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Have a free 36 gigs? Good, if you have broadband then you can download every single Simpsons episode ever. I mean, you could try on dial-up...but I'm sure by the time it's finished, the next season would have already started and you'd be behind anyway...

We could totally make our own Halo suit.

I'm not sure I like the route the next generation game systems seem to be taking. Apparently the Xbox 360 will have HD-DVD, eventually. So does that mean A.) You have to buy a new Xbox when it comes out, or B.) You have to upgrade the drive? Something about the way the companies are handling the systems makes me believe we'll be upgrading them the way we upgrade computers before long and that's one of the reasons I stopped playing computer games. I never seemed to be able to keep up with the newest generation of games.

Wow, you can now put your kids on lockdown with RFID tags in their clothing--those same tags I was talking about that can be implanted. You can get kits and chips from here. There's plenty of non-implant ones, for the less adventurous of you (probably includes me, I think I'd wear one of the watch-type one if anything).

This is a pretty amazing optical effect. I still think the best optical illusion is when the moon is low on the horizon and appears huge, even though it's actually the same size (you can prove it by taking a photo or just looking through your fingers so that your brain doesn't have anything to reference it with).

Build the best paper airplane in the entire world! Little too complex for my tastes, I'll just stick to balling up the paper and throwing it at people.

Note to self: If ever in a hotel where a hacker convention is going on, don't use the ATMs...

Remote control hamster ball. Simple, yet effective. Although it'd have an easier time going down stairs, rather than up them...

Meet KegBot, son of Kegerator. Looks like I might have some competition for my bartending robot.

I like this picture. It's a cool looking galaxy called M106.


The Brothers Grimm looks like it might be an interesting movie.


Tiglon cubs born at a Chinese nature park. With pics:)

MobiBLU DAH-1500 Review. This is a teeny tiny little mp3 player.

Apparently you can make a deadly weapon out of office supplies, mainly those plastic clips, a rubber band, and a pencil. I give you the Super Maul.

This PuppetMaster program is awesome. Beth and Jake, you should definitely look into this or something like it. It's a bluetooth control program for you computer that lets you remote control Winamp, Media Player, iTunes, Powerpoint, Outlook, your mouse, etc. from your phone. Not only that, you can have it do actions when you leave the house (and your phone is out of range of the bluetooth), like turn on your screensaver or pause Winamp and have it do actions when you come into range again, like wake everything up and play music again. Very cool program. Oh, and don't worry Erin, this one called Sailing Clicker will work on Macs:) Only downside to these programs are that they aren't free, so I'll keep looking for one that is. As it is now, I have my computer turn off the monitor and pause Winamp when I leave the house; pause Winamp when my phone rings; and hit play again when I reenter the house. I'm trying to figure out a way to have it automatically put up an away message on AIM when I leave the house as well.

There are some nice lasers here. They even have blue, which I haven't seen anywhere else. Of course, it costs $1000, but that's the price you have to pay to burn things with a death ray these days.

Grow RPG. This game is actually really simple and addicting for some reason. Stupid dragon keeps beating me up though. If you get tired of it, the solution is here


Alabama House asks residents to boycott Aruba. In other news, Alabama's government is pretty dumb. On the plus side, there'll be less rednecks in Aruba.

Here's a pretty good idea, a machine that will replicate itself. Not only itself, basically it'll make anything you want, once they figure out how to do it. Hopefully they figure it out sooner rather than later, because it'd be a big help being able to make all the ridiculous parts I find myself needing all the time.

Power armor for the elderly. Apparently so we can put them to work carrying bags of rice, according to the picture on the page.

What to do if a nuclear disaster is imminent. The best protection appears to be inside a box under the basement stairs...not sure how comfortable that would be. I wouldn't really bother reading the whole thing, just scan the pics. Of course, I guess we'll be kicking ourselves in the event of a nuclear disaster. Oh well, I could do with some nice post-apocalyptic mutant powers. Not so much for the hair loss, radiation poisoning, and cancer though...

What does your phone number spell?

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