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This new robot, named Phil, looks fairly human. With video and pic.

Sinkhole swallows garage in Wyoming. That would make for an interesting sight to wake up to.

Large, creepy parade of fish headed south out of the Gulf of Mexico. They don't really seem to know why, but they're all in a narrow band that stretches for at least a mile. Fark figures they were summoned by Aquaman.

Remote-controlled humans. Apparently applying a small electrical current to an apparatus behind the ear will make someone turn, due to an artificial shift in their balance. Sounds like it could be a lot of fun to play with. I'm curious if I could make one of these at home.

Apparently there's a new robot kit that might be useful. "The starter kit, which debuted in April at $299.99, comes with everything a kid needs to build virtually any kind of radio-controlled robot. Among the 500-plus parts are a Microchip microcontroller, which, when programmed, becomes the bot's brains."

Lego Halo Characters could be fun.

Maybe it's not quite dead yet -- Gizmondo North American launch delayed until October. It could be good for hacking, at the very least.


Someone is making a really nice R2-D2 Computer Case. He's not finished yet, but he should be within the next week or so. It has plenty of pics if you flip through the thread and look at the progress.


Doctors Transplant Salivary Gland Into Girl's Eye. Apparently she was going blind and unable to produce any moisture for her eyes, which is understandably painful. So hopefully this will allow moisture to be produced so she can have surgery on her cornea and be able to see again.

The Gizmondo is dead. Not much of a surprise there, although I bet Nate will be a little disappointed.

My keyboard has an open apple key. On the plus side, it's wireless (Bluetooth of course, otherwise I'd have gotten some generic one), simple, and rigged to work with my Windows system. Does this mean my computer is now part Mac?

Glow-In-Dark Lamps. "The 'Glow-lux' fluorescent tubes from American Environmental Products shine normally when plugged in. When they are turned off or the power goes out, they glow with a dim, eery blue-green light." Apparently you can even use the shards from a broken one to provide light.

ElectroNeedles may provide diabetes patients a painless way to check blood glucose levels. There's also a watch-type device that measures glucose levels electromagnetically here.

Wow, can I have a net shooter? It'd be no more dangerous than any of the other things I want or have.

S-Board: The two-wheeled skateboard, allows you to do 360's in the street, apparently. Sounds like it might be fun to try one, although I think I'll let Jake get this one (I'd probably get myself killed on it).

Apparently you can even download e-versions of magazines now. Although they're in yucky PDF format, it's still cool enough that people are putting them up on the web.

This treehouse is awesome. The guy didn't want to be bored when he retired, so he built a decked out treehouse, complete with drawbridge.

Penguin Photoshop Contest!

GPS + Google Maps + Nintendo DS? That would be even cooler if they came out with something official like that, which of course would never happen.


Good news, holographic cards should be coming out next year that only cost $1. The bad news is that a reader/writer for them will cost roughly $10,000.

In a hurry in a hotel or the like? You can put the elevator into express mode by pushing the door close and floor buttons at the same time. The elevator should then ignore all other stops and go right to your floor.

There's a nice mirror of the SomethingAwful flamethrower that some kid made awhile ago. Get the marshmallows: Flamethrower Fun

Here's a review of the Apple Mighty Mouse. Actually, here's five more while I'm at it.

Ooh. Ahh. Space is a very cool place.


Apple finally has a multi-button mouse, known as the Mighty Mouse.


"I don't care if you do shots of Liquid Plumbr."

Monkeys for Nate: Lab monkeys escape and threaten San Juan.
Elephants for Erin and I: Baby elephant born at the Rosamond Gifford Zoo. With video!
Tiger cubs for Beth: Zoo in hunt for dog mother to feed tiger cubs.
Kittens for Alyssa: Kittens survive delivery ordeal in FedEx box.
And last but not least, Pirates for Jake (and the rest of us of course, who doesn't like Pirates of the Caribbean info?): Davey Jones from Pirates of the Caribbean 2.

"Yeah, I made my prom tux out of coke cans... because I'm just that cool..." Cool isn't quite the word I'd use to describe wearing a bunch of trash to your prom...but I'll be nice...

Cosmic rays may prevent long-haul space travel. Apparently you wouldn't actually get cool super powers, like stretchiness or being able to turn invisible or fly around on fire. Instead you just develop cataracts, serious brain damage, and a cocktail of various cancers.

Gnome Photoshop Contest!

Intelligent rope - the rope uses electrical sensors to monitor its load and identify weak points before fraying or breaking.

Try the Trebuchet Challenge. My high score was 3069.

In ear short term memory enhancement. It records the last ten seconds of something and replays it back to you, so you don't have to ask someone what they just said.

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