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Build your own submarine.

Hybrid Spud Guns, a combination of combustion and pneumatic type potato guns.

GameCube, 2 Games, 2 Controllers=$60


Video playing tombstones. Apparently it will play a recorded segment of a person's life and is solar powered. These things were in the movie "The Final Cut. How long before someone figures out a way to hack them and hold scary movie nights in the cemetery?

Xbox360 Marketing Brochure Leak. Some interesting things in there. Also looks like there are some expensive things.

There's finally a cool holographic display, the Heliodisplay, in production. It probably costs a fortune though.

How-to: Install OS X to a partition and dual boot with XP/2K.

Make your own Desktop Line Following Robot.


The MegaRamp. A 9-story tall ramp for skateboarding.


After much hacking, every secret in Smash Bros Melee has been found.

Elvis the robocat. He lost his legs in an accident, so his owner made him a robotics platform to ride around on. I especially like when he seems intent on spinning in circles. It's funny in a sad sort of way.

Finally, my dang phone, the W800 Walkman Phone, is coming out later this month.

Domino Pressure. Pretty fun game. Or Kax, which is kind of cracked out. Or there's always this crazy truck game.

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