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GM will launch self-driving car in 2008.

Flying Spaghetti Monsterism.


Bender, the computer. This thing is actually full-size too.

Smiling polar bear baby.

This is where Xboxes are made.

M. Nelson clarifies Xbox 360 wireless peripheral contents.

1. In the $399.99 Xbox 360 package (and not the $299.99 Core one), you’ll get a wireless controller AND 2 batteries (AA) to run the controller with.

2. The $19.99 Play and Charge Kit will come with the cable AND a rechargeable battery pack.

3. The $11.99 Rechargeable Battery Pack won’t come with anything else, so you’ll need the cable from the Play and Charge Kit to recharge it.

This is going to be an expensive year.

Airborne laser brings Star Wars one step closer.

Cactus Friends. They look like little cactus ninjas or something.


The Aeon Flux movie looks pretty good, although I was never a fan of the show.

A new Doom movie trailer is up. You get to see a lot of the first-person view filming they've been talking about. It's kind of interesting, but I'll have to see the whole movie to see if it works or not.

Gnomes liberated again. These gnome nappings and discoveries seem to be a regular thing these days.

This is a cute story, a tortoise's shell was repaired with fiberglass.


The Greatest Adventure of All Time. A choose your own adventure where you can actually shoot the bad guy instead of running away all the time. Hopefully someone else remembers those books other than me, otherwise I'm really starting to show my age.


Google Talk is now up.

Google IM coming tomorrow??

Drug Reverses Effects of Sleep Deprivation. I need this more than ever. With how I've felt lately, I've been getting barely any sleep at all. Last night I slept from 6:30 AM to 7:58 AM and then went to take a Spanish CLEP test. I missed the score I needed by 3 points, which is probably because I've basically become a zombie and they aren't known for their bilingual capabilities, mostly speaking in grunts and moans.


Anthenea Aquasphere. Some sort of floating UFO shaped thing. I should get this and float out somewhere in the middle of the Atlantic.

There's a new version of Google Desktop out now, Google Desktop v2.0. New features include plugins, a Sidebar and enhanced searching. Here's a little review.

TI Calculators Play Movies. This would have been handy when I was in High School. Back then we basically had the infamous Drug Wars game and that was it (save for a few slow Mario clones).

Ever wanted to build your own snowboard?

Ever wondered what information the big 2 dimensional barcode on the back of your license contains?

Even cooler than a minisub, a mini Nautilus.

Generation NEX: introducing the ultra-slim NES. With wireless and dual cartridge slots.

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