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"Scientists have created mice which can regenerate absolutely any tissue except for the tissues of the brain. Heart, lungs, entire limbs, you name it. This is the first time this has been seen in mammals."

Google OS for real?? That's pretty crazy. I'm still not really clear on if this is official or just someone screwing around though.


Philips to show Readius rollable display prototype. I can't wait till they actually start selling them...Maybe they'll actually get around to it within the next decade (stupid e-ink promises). Anyway, I can imagine a nice wrist mounted display that goes from being a wrist-thin gauntlet sized device into a larger display with the push of a button.

Does a razor really need ten blades?

Pizza vending machines? That's awesome.

New Material Harder Than Diamond. It'd be nice to be able to manufacture it in large quantities.


Top 10 Technologies inspired by Sci-Fi. Can't wait for the next list, it'll have giant robots and invisibility suits and cyberbrains.

This homemade wooden laptop is pretty cool. Looks like it was a real pain to make though.


Imagine having to talk to a Cellular Squirrel instead of your cell phone.

Robot Bat With Echolocation.

Digital picture frames and pendants seem to be cheaper and more sophisticated these days.

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