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Hydrogen Stored in Safe High Density Pellets. Apparently there is no loss and it can be stored cheaply and for long periods of time.

Europe plans laser-fusion facility. Hey, maybe Spiderman 2 wasn't so far off.


This little robot guy is really cool, I want one. Reminds me of Gir from Invader Zim.

Super Monkey Ball on the DS. I beat two of them on the Gamecube, one of them on the GBA, and I'm still going through the Xbox one. Apparently Sega wants me to completely lose my mind. Do you know how annoying the d-pad control on a GBA is to play Monkey Ball? As in, it's a simple on-off switch that isn't remotely analog? Sure, you could hold down the A button or B button (I forget which) to have it move faster, but that was still pretty crazy. I can only imagine how evil a touch screen control will be. And of course, not getting it should be an option, but I'm strangely addicted to the little monkeys and I need their games (that's what the monkeys tell me anyway). I also have a strange compulsion to buy Dole bananas while playing...

Alyssa might like to know there's a Pac-Man pillow available.

The iPod nano - this thing is as thin as a pencil. I feel like if I touch it, it'll snap in two.

The Nokia 770 Tablet sounds like it'll be a fun little pc...thing. It'll supposed to be $350, which isn't too bad.

There is a new issue of ZZZ up. ZZZ is a type of online magazine that has a lot of science, physics, or just cool things up as articles. Lately, they've been having less and less updates, mainly because they need people to write articles.

"SomethingAwful's forum denizens, on the call of site admin Richard "Lowtax" Kyanka, raised over $20,000 dollars to be donated to the Hurricane Katrina relief efforts. This was done via a PayPal donation link, and PayPal has now frozen the accounton a twofold basis: one, that there have been reports of "suspicious behavior" from the "buyers," and two, that no shipping records have been provided for the donations." Unfortunately, they aren't providing much other info about why it was frozen.

Google Maps - New Orleans has Katrina photos up. If you zoom in and switch between Satellite and Katrina, you can definitely see a difference. Especially noticeable is the Superdome, which is missing most of the roof.


Robofie humanoid robot - expensive little bugger ($1629), but looks to be a fun toy nonetheless.


"'He's also the first robot who will sit down and watch TV with you. Because he's sensitive to colours, he likes The Simpsons because he likes blue primaries such as Marge Simpson's hair." Apparently they also wanted him to be able to go get you a beer, but it was too strong and might injure someone. I guess they didn't want little Jimmy's arm crushed if it went berserk.

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