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Mini lightsabres, coming to a dentist's office near you.

I'd like a subdermal display...of course, knowing something "like the back of my hand" would no longer be possible, since it'd always be changing.

This guy went all out on a Wolverine costume for Halloween...complete with retractable claws.


The Grand List of RPG Cliches.
" 3. Thinking With The Wrong Head (Hiro Rule)
No matter what she's accused of doing or how mysterious her origins are, the hero will always be ready to fight to the death for any girl he met three seconds ago.

"14. Garrett's Principle
Let's not mince words: you're a thief. You can walk into just about anybody's house like the door wasn't even locked. You just barge right in and start looking for stuff. Anything you can find that's not nailed down is yours to keep. You will often walk into perfect strangers' houses, lift their precious artifacts, and then chat with them like you were old neighbors as you head back out with their family heirlooms under your arm. Unfortunately, this never works in stores.

" 19. 'Silly Squall, bringing a sword to a gunfight...'
No matter what timeframe the game is set in -- past, present, or future -- the main hero and his antagonist will both use a sword for a weapon. (Therefore, you can identify your antagonist pretty easily right from the start of the game just by looking for the other guy who uses a sword.) These swords will be far more powerful than any gun and often capable of distance attacks.

"40. Zelda's Axiom
Whenever somebody tells you about 'the five ancient talismans' or 'the nine legendary crystals' or whatever, you can be quite confident that Saving the World will require you to go out and find every last one of them."

"140. Law of NPC Relativity (Magus Rule)
Characters can accomplish superhuman physical feats, defeat enemies with one hand tied behind their back and use incredible abilities -- until they join your party and you can control them. Then these wonderful powers all vanish, along with most of their hit points."

Simple idea, interesting results: Paste comic book dialogue bubbles all over the city and then photograph what people write in them.

Katrina: The Gathering.


Don't forget that Monday is Talk like a Pirate Day!

I almost tried to bid on this. Ignoring the fact that I don't have $225,000 nor a pilot's license. Someone remind me not to surf eBay at 2:20 at night.

This tortoise was originally brought back from the Galapagos Islands by Charles Darwin. And it's still alive! The thing was born in 1830! That's just awesome.

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