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Street Fighter vs. Mortal Kombat. Fun little flash.

I definitely need to make this Portable Electromechanical Slug Thrower. Although I should finish the electromagnetic bb gun Jake got me first...(if you saw the size of the capacitors, you'd be worried about finishing it too)

The power of the sleep cycle. A good article on how to function on only a little sleep.


Toss a camera into the air while the shutter is open and you end up with some pretty cool pics.


This Microsoft gaming innovation is awesome. Really really futuristic and looks like a lot of fun.

The first Chinese car to be sold in Europe has gotten a zero score on its safety test. This is the worst any car has ever done and I think this crash test video pretty much sums it all up.

This dude hacked Myspace so that he ended up with roughly a million friend requests. It's a pretty funny read. If you're wondering what those Myspace pictures mean, go here (pretty funny as well).

"Progress is exponential–not just a measure of power of computation, number of Internet nodes, and magnetic spots on a hard disk–the rate of paradigm shift is itself accelerating, doubling every decade. Scientists look at a problem and they intuitively conclude that since we’ve solved 1 percent over the last year, it’ll therefore be one hundred years until the problem is exhausted: but the rate of progress doubles every decade, and the power of the information tools (in price-performance, resolution, bandwidth, and so on) doubles every year. People, even scientists, don’t grasp exponential growth. During the first decade of the human genome project, we only solved 2 percent of the problem, but we solved the remaining 98 percent in five years."


Article on Orkut and its 7.5 million Brazilian users.

This Java OS looks pretty cool, although I bet it eats up resources like crazy.

Holy crap, drop some Mentos into a 2-liter bottle of soda and the thing will empty in just a few seconds. Gives new meaning to the phrase "soda fountain".


ARRRR! I be holdin' yer flag, me noobs!

1000 Things Made out of Bamboo. Need I say more?

Did you know Green Day - Basket Case, Blues Traveler - Hook, Coolio - C U When You Get There, Vitamin C - Graduation (Friends Forever), and Happa-Tai - Yatta are all based on the same song, Johann Pachelbel's Canon in D Major?

Holographic Images circa 2005. Imagine how real they will look in just 10 years...

This real life photoshop brush looks like a lot of fun to use.

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