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Parallels between the Xbox 360 and the Dreamcast. I love the Dreamcast, so hopefully the Xbox 360 does well as an appropriate heir.

Cruise liner fends off pirate attack. Hmm, so I'm guessing it would be more difficult to commit piracy on a cruise ship than you might first assume...

Coke ditches three flavours in US. "Vanilla Coke, Vanilla Diet Coke and Diet Coke With Lemon are to be replaced by Diet Black Cherry Vanilla Coke and Black Cherry Vanilla Coke in the US."

The Military Applications of Silly String. Pretty cool, MacGuyverish type stuff.


Halloween Dance 2005

Halloween Dance 2005


World’s Most Powerful Subwoofer! It looks just like a fan.

Lucid Dreaming Mp3s. Lucid dreaming is basically realising you're in a dream and then being able to control what you do in it. There's a couple of mp3s to download in the forum that should help. (1737761) In observance of Halloween, name the worst thing you ever got while trick-or-treating. Personally, I hate those little Mary Jane candies, the ones in the yellow and red wrappers that are hard and taste like crap. (1737992) The 2005 Fark true scary/ghost story thread. Post your best here. (1737804) VideoEdit: In honor of Halloween, make a video of something that will scare the bejeezus out of us (humorous or otherwise). Difficulty: No DFILM and no movies you just found on the internets


Human 2.0 - Where are we headed? A nice singularity overview.

The Mystery of the Green Menace. Why is absinthe still illegal?

343 Guilt O' Lantern: Halo Pumpkin Carving Contest.

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