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Fox puts abrupt stop to 'Arrested Development'.

500 kb Hard Disk from 1975

5 MB Hard Disk from 1975

As if physics didn't boggles minds enough already, the third dimension might just be an illusion.

Collection of nuclear explosions in video form.

"I plugged the video-out port on my video card into the video-in port of my capture card." Talk about recursive...


Pandora - Name a band or song that you like and it'll play other songs that you should like as well.

Pikachu Dissected and Sketched


Starting with a red paperclip, this guy is trading for items (the first trade was for a pen, then he traded the pen for a doorknob, then the doorknob for a portable stove, etc.) until he is able to trade for a house or an island. Reminds me of every Zelda game I've ever played...


Possible review of the Halo script. Always take these things with a grain of salt.


The Taurids are a meteor shower that occurs around late October - early about now. Usually it's not as big or visible as the Perseids or the Leonids, but apparently this year it's been better than previous ones. We saw a few meteors last night, so it's probably worth looking up on a clear night:)

Satellite Spots 'Glowing' Ocean. It's a shame we don't have this by us, I think it'd be pretty freaky to be sailling along and have the water all around you glow. Actually, I guess New Jersey will be that way in a couple of years, what with all the toxic waste...

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