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Find 100% Compatible RAM for your system.

Top 12 Ruby on Rails Tutorials.

Beginner's Guide to Quantum Entanglement.

This Java art generator can make some pretty cool works. Give it a shot.


Collection of 150 Google Logos over the years.

Draw a string and then rotate it into 3d. Hard to describe, but looks pretty cool in the end.

Top 20 geek novels. What does it mean if I've read six of them?

Top Ten Movie Robots of All Time!

"18 stolen garden gnomes discovered lined up at pedestrian crossing, as if waiting to cross street. Travelocity involuntarily drools on itself." Via Fark

Tangram game. What's your high score?

High Noon

Jim glanced at his watch. Noon. It’s time. He finished his coffee, stood up, and left the cafĂ©. Walking out into the middle of the dusty street, he saw Earl waiting. Jim speaks first.

“Noon, just like we ‘greed. Like I said, since I challenged you to tha duel, it’s your choice of weapon. What’s yer choice.”

Jim stuttered on the last word, feeling a bit faint. He’s never been nervous for a duel, must be his age finally catching up to him. Earl smiles at Jim and says simply,


With that, Jim slumps over. No wonder the coffee tasted lousier than usual.

Global Warming May Harm N.J. Coast. Looks like New Jersey will sink itself! Saves Pennsylvania the trouble of doing it and opens up the opportunity for nice new beaches.

The 11-Year Quest to Create Disappearing Colored Bubbles. Really cool story.


WhatTheFont - Ever see a crazy font and wish you could find out what it was? Just upload a sample of it and this site will give you the closest matches!

Online Sonic the Hedgehog in flash.


Mario Kart DS is available online. You have to register for an account, but after that you can download it. I don't think it'll work on many flash cards yet, however. It still needs some sort of patch.


Asphalt Mosaics - Make a message or picture that becomes a permanent part of the road. It ends up looking pretty cool when you're done and doesn't sound very complicated.

TVTAD. Just choose your favorite shows and it'll search through RSS feeds and queue your choices for download through Bittorrent automatically.


EvilLyrics - Automatically finds lyrics for songs you're listening to in Winamp and other music programs.

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