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This wildlife photo contest has some really nice photos in it.

Here's another nuke video, this time it's a video of the largest atomic bomb EVER detonated!

Check out this old vide of a nuclear bomb detonated underwater! It's unreal.

"I can picture in my mind a world without war, a world without hate. And I can picture us attacking that world, because they'd never expect it."


St. Maarten airport - Apparently the runway is so short, planes approach right over the beach, just meters away from people's heads and the roofs of cars. The pics are insane.

Supercooled Water - videos of liquid water that's already below freezing suddenly freezing when it's shaken or disturbed.

Wikitravel - for all your travel guide needs (free)!


This guy made his own Duck Hunt trophy. Apparently he wanted to bronze two zappers and hang them under it as well.

Fake or Photo? I got a 9/10.

Google is now expanding into new markets, inculding childrens names. Obsessed swedish family who name thier baby Oliver Google Kai, also the baby's official site.

Coke Blak - aside from the fact that no one can spell anything properly anymore, this coffee flavored Coca-Cola sounds pretty interesting.


Freeline Skates - Half skateboard, half roller blades. Seem like they would hurt like crazy if you fell off of them.


PLEN, the Bluetooth controlled robot.

The HAL-5 robotic suit. The picture says it all.

Try Ruby - Interactive Tutorial/Demo.

New Soft Helmet Turns Hard in Crash. Kind of reminds me of silly putty.

These Neodymium magnets are really cool. I especially like the $75 one that can "break your arm" if it gets out of control and will summon metal objects from your entire room to it.

Missle Strike is a cool clone of the class game, Missile Command.

This Michael Jackson version of Super Mario Brothers is pretty cool.

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