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Wii Roomba!

This guy made it so he could control his Roomba with a Wiimote!


Amazing Guitar Playing

Andy Mckee playing the guitar in a fairly original way. Very cool song.


99 Photos from 2006

Top 99 Photos of 2006. There are a lot of pretty cool ones, like the two-toned lobster or the deer wearing a jack-o-lantern bucket on its head.


Eating Mutant Animals: Not just for The Simpsons Anymore

I see no reason to change this headline: Man Runs Over, Eats Seven-Legged Transgendered Deer. It had both male and female reproductive organs, several extra legs, and nub antlers. Definitely reminds me of The Simpsons episode where the family is going to eat the three-eyed fish.

Mechanical Heart Assistance: Heartmate II

The Heartmate II sounds pretty interesting. Apparently once you have it implanted in your chest you won't have a pulse, nor a measurable blood pressure. You still need your actual heart there, but it has either fixed speed or auto-speed, which adapts based upon physiological or cardiac needs. Still seems like we're far away from a fully mechanical heart that works well, though.



Dublin Dr Pepper

Apparently in Dublin, Texas, Dr Pepper is still made with cane sugar, like the original recipe. Apparently the UK version of Dr Pepper also has cane sugar and tastes more like Cherry Coke (I don't remember trying Dr Pepper when I was there, unfortunately). However, through the powers of the internet, we can order this Dublin Dr Pepper and see how it tastes. Anyone want to go in on some cases with me?


Non-Newtonian Liquids

To go along with the liquid armour video from earlier, here's a couple of guys running across a small pool filled with water and cornstarch.

New Layout

The reason things look so different are because I switched to Blogger Beta and had to update everything. No worries, I stuck in most of the old layout stuff, so it's not too terribly different.

Liquid Armour

This is an interesting video of kevlar that has been treated with a liquid that hardens upon agitation -- making bullet-proof clothing that is only slightly heavier than standard clothing.

Freeze Prank

This is what would happen if everyone in a store was in on a prank against customers, pretending to freeze while they were in motion.

Mini + Skiis + Rockets = ???

Popular Science wondered what a Mini Cooper on skiis being propelled by rockets would do going down an Olympic ski jump.

Charlie Brown Christmas by the Cast of Scrubs

Charlie Brown Christmas - Performed by the Cast of Scrubs. It's pretty funny.


Will It Blend?

Will It Blend? - Bottled Beverage. I feel strangely compelled to get one of these blenders now after watching a few of these videos. I have no idea why I'd want to blend a bunch of marbles or golf balls, but who knows?


The Time Fountain

The Time Fountain allows you to seemingly stop or reverse time. At least, that's the optical illusion it creates. Using a fluorescent dye and UV lights, you can use a strobing effect to create the illusion of the drops stopping in mid-air! You can even reverse it and make the drops appear to go up against the force of gravity. The video is really cool to watch and the site comes complete with instructions to make your own.


Make a DVD Burner into a High-Powered Laser

This page shows a nice way to make a DVD Burner into a high-powered laser -- one that can pop balloons and burn plastic!


Ides of November

Apparently today would be the Ides of November -- ides only means the 15th of the month for October, March, May, and July. The rest of the months it falls on the 13th.

Jon Stewart: Net Neutrality explained by John Lodgman

This is pretty funny: Jon Stewart: Net Neutrality Explained. This contains the "Internet is a series of tubes" quote.


Original Coca-Cola Recipe

Ever wonder what's actually in Coca-Cola?

Lost Orientation Film

If you watch Lost, you'll want to see the mother of all orientation films from the Hanso Foundation.

O.J. Simpson to confess — hypothetically.

O.J. Simpson is writing a book, tentatively titled, "If I Did It", about the murder of his ex-wife and her husband. Apparently he describes the murders in detail and the book is supposed to be "hypothetical". This is just plain messed up.


New IE after 5 years

"It's exciting to see Microsoft reenter the browser space after leaving for five years," said Christopher Beard, vice president of products for Mozilla. "It's great to see that IE is adopting the features that we popularized."
Way to stick it to microsoft Mr. Beard!

Basically firefox but with a color "threat indicator" for each site you go to. Wow. Read the full article here


Ruben's Tube

Here's a video of something called a Ruben's Tube. Basically, it's a tube with gas flowing through it which outputs a flame along the length of the tube. When sound is put through the tube, the flames form visible waves. It's especially cool when he puts music through it.



AFRICAM is a live webcam in Africa that you can see all sorts of animals on. Especially try watching it when it's night, that's when the really interesting animals appear to come out.


TARDIS Staircase

The staircase on this building looks like it's going to be a lot of fun. Apparently it was inspired by the TARDIS from Doctor Who.

Halo Wars

Halo Wars is going to be a real-time strategy game based in the Halo universe. It's what Bungie was originally developing Halo to be and it looks awesome, from the trailer (probably doesn't show any actual gameplay, though).


Jeep + Mountain = Bad

This is why you don't take your vehicles rock climbing.

Sudoku Slam

Sudoku Slam is a pretty nifty Sudoku website that has a lot of features I haven't seen on other sites.



How to Talk Like a Pirate Movie

Since September 19th is International Talk Like a Pirate Day, I figured this Talk Like a Pirate How-To Film would be useful.

Motion City Soundtrack - Feel Like Rain

Here's a cute animation for the song by Motion City Soundtrack - Feel Like Rain.


1st Woman With Bionic Arm

For 1st Woman With Bionic Arm, a New Life Is Within Reach. Apparently the arm allows her to just think in order to move it and functions similarly to a real arm -- even allowing some sensation of touch. This technology should rapidly improve in coming years, potentially allowing people with missing limbs to regain complete use of their affected area through use of a prosthetic limb.


Xbox 360 Laptop

This guy thought it would be cool to turn an Xbox 360 into a laptop. I think I agree. (This is the cached link, since the real one got Slashdotted).


Weird Al's New Video

Weird Al has a new music video out about music downloading. Give it a watch/listen.


Robot Einstein

This robotic Einstein video is pretty amazing.

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Making Bombs The Right Way

Found a nice little write up online about the difficulty of making bombs from liquids especially outside of a controlled laboratory. It's up to you whether you'd like to believe this article or the news that tells you you're going to die.

New Zealand Pics

New Zealand pics are up here.

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Yet another addition of people with too much time on their hands. Those crazy kids at NYU have brought us PacManhattan. A real life game with people in ridiculous costumes chasing each other through the streets in a frenzy to collect the dots or eat the pacman. Why isn't that a major at my school?

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San Diego's Ocean Beach

San Diego's Ocean Beach


California Photos

California photos are here.


Electric Cooler Scooter

Some company decided to give a cooler some wheels, a motor, and a seat. The result is pretty funny.

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Angry German Kid

Why is this German kid so angry? Probably because he's completely insane.

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Toei Japanese Spider-Man

Toei Japanese Spider-Man Episode. Not much else I can say, other than the fact that it's crazy.


Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Mans Chest Telecine

Looks like Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Mans Chest has been "released" as a telecine, which is basically the best that can be done without a screener or DVD. Judging from the sample images and video, it's pretty good quality, too. The movie was awesome, so I recommend going to see it.


Home-Made Rocket Launcher

This is awesome, some kid at SomethingAwful built a rocket launcher (although model rockets).


Snakes on a Plane Music Video

Zach linked me to this funny Snakes on a Plane music video: Cova' of Maxim

HD TV Problems and Fixes

Many HDTV's aren't displaying things the way they should and make the images look pretty crappy, here's a handy guide to Troubleshoot Your HDTV.

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The iBar is this awesome looking interactive bar that appears to be either touch or motion sensitive and sounds out light beams connected objects on top of the bar.

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Mega-Mo Slow Motion Cars

This video of race cars in Super Slow Motion is amazing. I can't believe the tires stretch and flex that much when they're starting out.

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Hydrofoil Surfing

Hydrofoil Surfing allows you to surf 20 inches above the surface of the water. Apparently it's supposed to be a smoother ride and a lot of fun. For an idea of how hydrofoils work, here's the Wikipedia article on them (abridged version is that they basically work like an aeroplane's wing).



SoonR is a service that allows you to make free/cheap calls from your cell phone by using Skype. You tell the program who to call from your phone and then it has Skype call up you and whoever you selected in a conference call allowing you both to talk to one another through the help of your PC.

Especially useful now, since Skype is allowing free phone calls to US customers until the end of the year. This service seems like it would help if you're trying to call another country and would prefer that your cell phone provider not charge you $1 a minute and upward for the call (SkypeOut is roughly 10 cents USD a minute to just about anywhere in the world).

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AbsurdlyCool Freebie Finder

The AbsurdlyCool Freebie Finder has a whole bunch of free items that have been gleaned from througout the net. The list is updated daily and allows feedback on how good the offer is.

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Super Mario 3 Desktop

If you go here, you can have a Super Mario 3 Desktop, complete with animation and clickable ? boxes and enemies.

The self-driving Golf

This self-driving VW sounds pretty amazing. Apparently it can go around test tracks at up to 150 mph without the aid of any human.

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Spider-Man 3

I highly recommend watching the Spider-Man 3 trailer in High Definition. It looks great (thanks Kyle).

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Crazy Puzzle Game

Looks like a Rubik's Cube but the object is to connect the colored blocks using a string of colored blocks. Seems easy at first but it gets pretty tough. I'm currently stuck on level 16. Head on over here to give it a shot.

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Vibramfivefingers are these crazy shoe-type things that remind me of a cross between water-shoes and toed socks. They basically give you the mobility and feeling of bare-footedness, without all the stabby, sharp pains that can accompany the concept. Of course, at $70 a pair, they might just be a bit pricey for me to justify trying out right now...

Update: Here is their location page so you can search for dealers or stores that may offer the shoes.

Superman Returns: CGI Techniques

This video shows the way they added Marlon Brandon into th new Superman Returns movie.


Norwegians take a bite out of Apple.

Three Norwegians – members of the NCC’s Digital Consumer group – have concluded that Apple’s iTunes service breaches Norwegian law because it prevents users from playing music they have downloaded on any player apart from Apple’s own iPod. In association with its sister organisations in Sweden and Denmark, the NCC has taken action that could eventually force courts to make downloaded songs on iTunes usable on all digital music players. The three states argue that consumers, having purchased music on iTunes, must be permitted to listen to it on other players such as mobile phones. If Apple ignores the court rulings, it could be fined repeatedly. Its online music store could even be closed down across Scandinavia.

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Verizon Chaperone

Verizon wireless has created a new phone with a GPS unit in it. The green kid friendly Migo phone takes advantage of the GPS tracking chip inside to give parents peace of mind. With a cell phone or a computer, parents can access a map that shows them exactly where the phone is located at any time. With Verizon Chaperone, parents can also set a safety zone or virtual geofence. If the child and the phone leave or are taken out of that zone, the phone then notifies the parent.

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Lio the comic

I found a pretty funny cartoon over at go comics. It doesn't have any words and its kind of like Dexter's Lab mixed with pinky and the brain. Basically, an inventor kid who wants to dominate the world. Fun stuff. Give it a look if you're bored, they update daily.

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Snakes on a Plane!

I know about the movie coming out...but who would have thought there would be Real life Snakes on a Plane??

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Ultrasonic Ringtone

Well apparently some kids in the UK who got tired of that noise that your phone makes when its on vibrate decided that they would create an ultrasonic ringtone that younger people can hear but not the old folks. Its a rather interesting idea and apparently is a recording of a device that shopkeepers used to repel teenagers from their stores. Give it a download here and see if you're old or not and if your phone can play mp3's try it out. I'm interested to see if it actually works.

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Sony Ericsson Weather Proof Phone for Japan

This Sony Ericsson Weather Proof Phone for Japan is very tempting. Of course, it would only work on 2100 Mhz 3G networks (ie Japan & South Korea) and its camera is actually worse than the one in my W800, so I'll just hold out until another one is released. Based on the common occurence of people dropping their phones into toilets, sinks, or swimming with them, there should be plenty more on the way.

While they're at it, maybe they can make one that is Quad-band for GSM networks, includes 2100 Mhz for 3G networks, AND WiFi with Skype.


PPGD: Battle in Megaville

This game, PPGD: Battle in Megaville, is pretty fun. It's based off of The Powerpuff Girls Doujinshi.

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Windows Vista Beta 2

If you want to download the legitimate public install of Windows Vista Beta 2, just click there. Unless you're Zach, he's not allowed to play with Vista.

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Gitaroo Man Live PSP

I wonder if Jake could be tempted to get a PSP if he hears that Gitaroo Man is coming out for it. I found this in Lik-Sang's Weekly Gaming Update: Gitaroo Man Live PSP, Big Brain Academy NDS US, NextGen Console Wars Poll.

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Elegy for a Prince

I'm currently working on a website for an opera entitled, "Elegy for a Prince". Take a look and let me know if you have any suggestions!

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Sync Google Calendar With Your Phone

There's finally a program out that will sync your Google Calendar with your phone, GCalSync. Seems to work pretty well, from what I've see thus far.

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Ireland - May 11th, 2006 - Day 8 - Dublin Airport to Pennsylvania

This is us at the Dublin Airport on the way home. We don't seem to be too happy about going, for obvious reasons.

Well, these are the last of my photos! I will continue to put all the photos up at Flickr, however.

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Dublin Street Crossing Sign

Make sure your volume is turned up for this one. This is the best sound we heard in Dublin. It's designed for blind people to cross the street, but works for those that can see as well. Basically, it's like a crazy laser noise followed by a woodpecker.

Train Ride Back from Bray

This video is a little bit of the view back from Bray to Dublin, in Ireland via the Dart.

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Blackfin Sharks Swimming

This is a video of some blackfin sharks swimming around in the Bray Aquarium in Ireland.

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Stingrays Swimming

This is a video of stingrays swimming around trying to jump out of the water at the Bray Aquarium in Ireland.

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Dogfish Embryo Moving in an Egg

This is a video at the Bray Aquarium in Ireland of a dogfish embryo in an egg (also called a "Mermaid Purse"). If you look closely, you can actually see it moving!

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Ireland - May 10th, 2006 - Day 7 - Dublin to Bray to Dublin

Today was the first day we were truly free to do whatever we want, since nothing was really planned.

I got on a train headed south for Bray, in order to go to the aquarium. While on the train, I saw these huge white things on the beach, which ended up being giant swans. After that, I saw cliffs and immediately headed for them. I figured I could get a great view.

I walked along the paths for a loooong time and in the process, saw a seal swimming in the water (it was pointed out to me by a friendly gentlemen, who said they swim around here from time to time). After that, I saw a pod of dolphins, which I tried to get some photos of. They're a bit small, but that's because my phone didn't have optical zoom.

After walking as far as I could (I thought I would get to an end at some point...but the closest I got was seeing the next city 10 or so kilometers away). I decided to turn back.

I finally made it back to where I started and stopped by the arcade (I wanted to see Irish videogames). I tried my luck at winning a PSP but failed miserably. After that I headed to the aquarium. I have some really cool videos from there that I will have to post as well.

After that, I rode back to Dublin and we hit up the Temple Bar while we waited to go to the Vat for our final dinner. Once there, we ate for awhile and plotted for Phil's birthday, which was coming up that night (12:01am!).

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