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I think Chris has lost his mind. Here's an example from his Myspace Blog.

"Monday, January 30, 2006

Beverly had sex with Captain Picard last n ight on the new episode of Star Trek: TNG
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OMG! Beverly had sex with Captain Picard last night on Star Trek. It was intense almost as intense as when Pamela did it with Tommy Lee. Anyway the episode was pretty raunchy that they couldn't even show it on Spike TV but had to show it on PPV in the special events section. I got to watch about half of it until the cable company realized that I didn't pay. What I did see was when Picard took off Beverly's pants and bra and started eating her out and then Data came in and stood there for like 5 minutes until he realized what he was looking at. Beverly is really hot for being like 50, and I have to say that Picard really knows how to please a woman. I wonder what Picard's dead wife would think about seeing this in Heaven. Anyway if it comes on again I simply implore you to pay the 5 dollars + tax to watch it. It is delicious!

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The show's not even on anymore, especially not on pay-per-view. I also think I saw him arguing with a ficus the other day, which was odd, because it was made out of plastic.

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