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Ireland - May 5th, 2006 - Day 2 - Dublin to Kilkenny to Dublin

We woke up early in the Waterloo and had breakfast, then we watched He-Man and Transformers. Apparently in our youth, we were immune to how ridiculous He-Man the cartoon actually is, but now we can see it for how hilarious it truly is.

In addition to the ridiculous framerate Skeletor seems to suffer from, the dialogue is just class. At one point, the line "Wolfbats, AHHHH!!!" was shouted, which became one of the key phrases we used along the trip (along with the already used "Johnson!" -- from the Family Guy episode where the guy is ordering a Sam Adams).

We then took our rented bus to a town called Kilkenny.

There was a castle, as you can see in photos 1 through 5 and 35 & 36. I think the people here had the coolest accents out of the places we went (this is the first place we heard "tirty-tri" ie 33).

We also went to the Black Abbey (photos 6 & 7; 21-27), which is a huge church, with beautiful stained glass.

After Kilkenny, we took our bus back to Dublin and saw "Howie The Rookie" at the Peacock Theatre, part of the historical Abbey Theatre. The play was awesome and as the flyer says, it is a "rollercoast ride of skullduggerousness, lodgy-bodgy, and bare-knuckle battering". It is presented in the form of two monologues, by two different characters. The story-telling is extremely good and the two stories tie-in/complete each other. I consider it one of the best plays I've ever seen.

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