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Ireland - May 7th, 2006 - Day 4 - Dublin to Donegal to Derry

This day we hopped on our rented bus again and took a trip to Donegal on our way to Derry, which is in Northern Ireland (part of the UK).

Donegal also has a castle, but this one we actually got to go inside on our own AND take photos.

In Derry, we stayed at the Ramada Da Vinci Hotel. At night, Emily, Courtney, Theresa, and I decided to find a store open (which is pretty difficult at certain hours in Derry, apparently). We ended up walking for awhile until we found a gas station one with it open.

Along the way, we discovered the local "cool" place to hang out for people with cars is the toy store parking lot, since there were a ton of them parked there with people in them beeping and shouting stuff to us (not a clue as to what it could be about...until we found out the next day).

Derry, which is part of Northern Ireland and in the UK, uses pounds and pence, so we tried to limit our expenditure there (it seemed much more expensive than the Republic, which uses the euro!)

Oh, by the way, if you want any of these photos in larger resolution for backgrounds (I have up to 1632x1224) or whatever, they will eventually be available here:, once I regain my ability to transfer images (I already used up my bandwidth -- 2 gigs -- for the month!)

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