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Ireland - May 8th, 2006 - Day 5 - Derry

This whole day was spent in Derry, walking along the wall (it's a walled city) and generally around town. The city has quite a bit of graffiti, most of it political (although some of it is just funny, as you can see in Row 15 -- "Eat my bum fluff").

The photo of the pile of empty kegs next to the photo of the special edition "Believe" Mars Bar was actually at the University of Ulster. Unfortunately I didn't get one of the sign that said "Bar ->"

At the University of Ulster, we attended an INCORE session with researchers from the Peace and Resolution Group. Here it was first hinted at as to why we may be being beeped at -- our horrible American fashion sense.

That night, a few of us went to the apartment of some Derry guys we met in the hotel bar and sang songs, which I have video of. I'll have to find a way to post the videos at some point. There weren't too many Irish songs, except "Go On Home British Soldiers". Most of the songs they knew to play were American (Greenday, "American Pie", "Friends in Low Places") or Oasis, but it was really cool. I'll post the rest of the apartment pics in the next post, since they technically were on the next day and this one is getting pretty long.

Also, it was confirmed that our fashion sense, did indeed suck. The Derry lads informed us that "We haven't worn creme-colored khakis here in years!", while laughing at our misinformed trouser choice. See, before the trip, we were informed that nobody in Europe wears jeans, which appears to be entirely false (we're going to have to hire new fashion spies).

By the way, all of the photos I'm posting here (not the ones on the Flickr account), were taken with my phone (Sony Ericsson W800i), so try to cut me some slack if they look odd :-)

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