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Ireland - May 9th, 2006 - Day 6 - Derry to Belfast to Dublin

Here are the rest of the photos from the Derry boys' flat.

In the morning, we took our rented bus to Belfast, to see the city and to attend a discussion at the University of Belfast.

After the discussion, we went to Newgrange, which is this giant burial mound. Unfortunately, we arrived a few minutes late and so couldn't get on the last bus to tour the mound. Instead, we did the inside exhibits and then tried to walk up to the mound (we didn't quite make it, but we saw some cows).

Finally, that night, we pulled into our third and final hotel of the trip, the Harcourt. Somehow, we lucked out again and got one of the awesome rooms, a suite. It including a faux fireplace and a overhead projection screen!

We then wandered Dublin for a bit, going to pubs and whatnot (of course).

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