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Take a leap into hyperspace. Scientists are working on a way to create the magnetic fields needed in order to travel through space faster.

15 New Tech Concepts For 2006. Some of them aren't that new, but interesting none-the-less.

How to remove vocals from songs.

This device is basically a real-life Electroplankton type music generator.

SNAAAAKE. This Snake Robot page has a at least 7 different iterations of snake robots that have been constructed over time, each one becoming more and more advanced.

Learn Japanese with a Knuckles in China Land RPG. Seems like this could be a nice way to learn Japanese, so long as you have the patience for RPG's.

Wicked Lasers - these laser pointers are actually powerful enough that they will burn and cut through various things! I think I know what I want for next Christmas (so long as I get a pair of goggles to go with it--no point in going blind this early in my life)

Tunatic: free music identification software. This program will 'listen' to a song you play and identify it for you. Pretty cool stuff, although it'd be more useful if it ran on a cell-phone or pda, as you can usually just look up lyrics if you have a computer in front of you.

New Furby Hacking : Part 1 : Skinning. Furbies are pretty scary to begin with, much more so with their skin removed.


The Transperformance Performer self-tuning electric guitar. Now if they just had a self-playing one, I could pretend I'm a rockstar.

Christmas Tree Disposal. "Now that Christmas is over, it's time to get rid of the tree. Combine the best of two holidays by torching your tree with some fireworks."

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