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Real Life Simpsons Intro

Someone did a Real Life Version of The Simpsons' intro. Pretty well made video.

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Robotic Pack-Mule

Slashdot linked up to this article on a robotic "BigDog" being developed to carry supplies for the army. This thing looks pretty impressive...the video makes it seem creepily alive, like a headless creature running around. It's able to recover from pushes or mis-steps and can walk up inclines and carry packs.

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Young Coconuts

I do not like coconuts. I don' t have anything against them as a nut or a seed, just as a food. In fact, I think they're one of the coolest 'nuts' out there. Also, I've always liked the concept of sticking a straw in one and being able to drink out of it though, so I tend to buy one every once in awhile to try eating it once again, only to discover that I still do not, in fact, like coconuts.

Well anyway, I was at the health food store yesterday and I see this strange, white, hut shaped food in the fruit section. I look at the label below and it says "Young Coconut". This is possibly the weirdest looking thing I've seen in awhile, so I decide I have to buy it (besides, it was only $1.99).

So I get the thing home and decide I'm going to try eating it. How exactly does one go about eating a young coconut? Heck if I knew, so I consulted the internet. Apparently it involves a big knife and trying not to lose fingers. So I finally cracked open the thing and it had more coconut milk than I've ever seen in any of the normal coconuts I've ever had. Furthermore, it was actually good. This was a shock in and of itself, because I've never liked coconut milk. I then tried the coconut meat, which was super soft and tasty. Apparently, if I'd have read further down the directions I'd found (I stopped after, "Get a big knife"...I mean, can you blame me, I was excited), you can actually make a really nice smoothie out of the things with just a blender and a spoon.

If you want to try one out, heres the page I used to get the thing open and it even includes the smoothie recipe: Young Coconuts: Opening & Smoothies

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