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Cool Little Flash Game

Make sure you have Flash 8 installed, otherwise you'll just see a bunch of dots floating around and be really confused. I think I actually got to the end, since I ran out of things to eat. Either way, this game is a good way to waste time (which is actually what it was designed to do -- check out the thesis statement).

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Cool Six-Legged Robot

Also over at Boston Dynamics is a video of a cool six-legged robot. You can even attach flipper type legs to it so it can swim around under water.

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RiSE: The Amazing Climbing Robot

This little robot climbs all sorts of surfaces. Don't forget to check out the video!

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Play Backup Gamecube Games - No Modchip!

Here's an interesting forum post describing how to play backed up Gamecube games without a modchip...anybody want to try it out and let me know if it works?

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This is a pretty cool site that compiles links to all the stories, bookmarks, news, and videos coming up from popular sites like digg,, Google News, etc.

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Ways to Make Yourself Cleverer

Here's a bunch of really simple ways to make yourself cleverer. Apparently showering with your eyes closed is even a way!

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Google Calendar

Here's some info and screenshots of Google CL2, Google's Calendar.

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These Aren't Real

These photos are insanely realistic looking, but entirely computer generated. Can't wait for video games like this.

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While We're At It...

Here's Wikipedia in AJAX as well.

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Handy AJAX Dictionary

Finds the definition of a word while you type!

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