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Google Calendar is finally live! You can import from 30Boxes, if you like, just go to "My Account" and then "Syndication" and choose either the CSV file or the iCal File and save to your desktop. Then, in Google Calendar, just go to Settings and then "Import Calendar".

Unfortunately, it seems like each type of file only imports certain information, so in order to get it all, I'd recommend importing both the CSV and the iCal file into two new calendars (Click the + sign next to Calendars and add two new calendars, they may take a little bit to show up). Then, when you have the new calendars, just import the information, one from the CSV to one calendar and one from the iCal to the other.

This gives the added benefit of having orange and green events and if you screw up, you don't have to worry about deleting your main calendar to clear out the duplicate events! This is especially good, because you can't seem to delete your main calendar without deleting your entire account and you can't change another calendar to your primary calendar, from what I've seen. :)

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Stick Figures in Peril!

Here is an awesome collection of stick figure signs. A lot of these are hilarious and they'd look nice on my walls...

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