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Ireland - May 10th, 2006 - Day 7 - Dublin to Bray to Dublin

Today was the first day we were truly free to do whatever we want, since nothing was really planned.

I got on a train headed south for Bray, in order to go to the aquarium. While on the train, I saw these huge white things on the beach, which ended up being giant swans. After that, I saw cliffs and immediately headed for them. I figured I could get a great view.

I walked along the paths for a loooong time and in the process, saw a seal swimming in the water (it was pointed out to me by a friendly gentlemen, who said they swim around here from time to time). After that, I saw a pod of dolphins, which I tried to get some photos of. They're a bit small, but that's because my phone didn't have optical zoom.

After walking as far as I could (I thought I would get to an end at some point...but the closest I got was seeing the next city 10 or so kilometers away). I decided to turn back.

I finally made it back to where I started and stopped by the arcade (I wanted to see Irish videogames). I tried my luck at winning a PSP but failed miserably. After that I headed to the aquarium. I have some really cool videos from there that I will have to post as well.

After that, I rode back to Dublin and we hit up the Temple Bar while we waited to go to the Vat for our final dinner. Once there, we ate for awhile and plotted for Phil's birthday, which was coming up that night (12:01am!).

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