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Ireland - May 11th, 2006 - Day 8 - Dublin Airport to Pennsylvania

This is us at the Dublin Airport on the way home. We don't seem to be too happy about going, for obvious reasons.

Well, these are the last of my photos! I will continue to put all the photos up at Flickr, however.

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Dublin Street Crossing Sign

Make sure your volume is turned up for this one. This is the best sound we heard in Dublin. It's designed for blind people to cross the street, but works for those that can see as well. Basically, it's like a crazy laser noise followed by a woodpecker.

Train Ride Back from Bray

This video is a little bit of the view back from Bray to Dublin, in Ireland via the Dart.

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Blackfin Sharks Swimming

This is a video of some blackfin sharks swimming around in the Bray Aquarium in Ireland.

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Stingrays Swimming

This is a video of stingrays swimming around trying to jump out of the water at the Bray Aquarium in Ireland.

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Dogfish Embryo Moving in an Egg

This is a video at the Bray Aquarium in Ireland of a dogfish embryo in an egg (also called a "Mermaid Purse"). If you look closely, you can actually see it moving!

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