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Norwegians take a bite out of Apple.

Three Norwegians – members of the NCC’s Digital Consumer group – have concluded that Apple’s iTunes service breaches Norwegian law because it prevents users from playing music they have downloaded on any player apart from Apple’s own iPod. In association with its sister organisations in Sweden and Denmark, the NCC has taken action that could eventually force courts to make downloaded songs on iTunes usable on all digital music players. The three states argue that consumers, having purchased music on iTunes, must be permitted to listen to it on other players such as mobile phones. If Apple ignores the court rulings, it could be fined repeatedly. Its online music store could even be closed down across Scandinavia.

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Verizon Chaperone

Verizon wireless has created a new phone with a GPS unit in it. The green kid friendly Migo phone takes advantage of the GPS tracking chip inside to give parents peace of mind. With a cell phone or a computer, parents can access a map that shows them exactly where the phone is located at any time. With Verizon Chaperone, parents can also set a safety zone or virtual geofence. If the child and the phone leave or are taken out of that zone, the phone then notifies the parent.

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Lio the comic

I found a pretty funny cartoon over at go comics. It doesn't have any words and its kind of like Dexter's Lab mixed with pinky and the brain. Basically, an inventor kid who wants to dominate the world. Fun stuff. Give it a look if you're bored, they update daily.

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Snakes on a Plane!

I know about the movie coming out...but who would have thought there would be Real life Snakes on a Plane??

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Ultrasonic Ringtone

Well apparently some kids in the UK who got tired of that noise that your phone makes when its on vibrate decided that they would create an ultrasonic ringtone that younger people can hear but not the old folks. Its a rather interesting idea and apparently is a recording of a device that shopkeepers used to repel teenagers from their stores. Give it a download here and see if you're old or not and if your phone can play mp3's try it out. I'm interested to see if it actually works.

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Sony Ericsson Weather Proof Phone for Japan

This Sony Ericsson Weather Proof Phone for Japan is very tempting. Of course, it would only work on 2100 Mhz 3G networks (ie Japan & South Korea) and its camera is actually worse than the one in my W800, so I'll just hold out until another one is released. Based on the common occurence of people dropping their phones into toilets, sinks, or swimming with them, there should be plenty more on the way.

While they're at it, maybe they can make one that is Quad-band for GSM networks, includes 2100 Mhz for 3G networks, AND WiFi with Skype.

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