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Snakes on a Plane Music Video

Zach linked me to this funny Snakes on a Plane music video: Cova' of Maxim

HD TV Problems and Fixes

Many HDTV's aren't displaying things the way they should and make the images look pretty crappy, here's a handy guide to Troubleshoot Your HDTV.

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The iBar is this awesome looking interactive bar that appears to be either touch or motion sensitive and sounds out light beams connected objects on top of the bar.

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Mega-Mo Slow Motion Cars

This video of race cars in Super Slow Motion is amazing. I can't believe the tires stretch and flex that much when they're starting out.

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Hydrofoil Surfing

Hydrofoil Surfing allows you to surf 20 inches above the surface of the water. Apparently it's supposed to be a smoother ride and a lot of fun. For an idea of how hydrofoils work, here's the Wikipedia article on them (abridged version is that they basically work like an aeroplane's wing).

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