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Original Coca-Cola Recipe

Ever wonder what's actually in Coca-Cola?

Lost Orientation Film

If you watch Lost, you'll want to see the mother of all orientation films from the Hanso Foundation.

O.J. Simpson to confess — hypothetically.

O.J. Simpson is writing a book, tentatively titled, "If I Did It", about the murder of his ex-wife and her husband. Apparently he describes the murders in detail and the book is supposed to be "hypothetical". This is just plain messed up.


New IE after 5 years

"It's exciting to see Microsoft reenter the browser space after leaving for five years," said Christopher Beard, vice president of products for Mozilla. "It's great to see that IE is adopting the features that we popularized."
Way to stick it to microsoft Mr. Beard!

Basically firefox but with a color "threat indicator" for each site you go to. Wow. Read the full article here

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