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Eating Mutant Animals: Not just for The Simpsons Anymore

I see no reason to change this headline: Man Runs Over, Eats Seven-Legged Transgendered Deer. It had both male and female reproductive organs, several extra legs, and nub antlers. Definitely reminds me of The Simpsons episode where the family is going to eat the three-eyed fish.

Mechanical Heart Assistance: Heartmate II

The Heartmate II sounds pretty interesting. Apparently once you have it implanted in your chest you won't have a pulse, nor a measurable blood pressure. You still need your actual heart there, but it has either fixed speed or auto-speed, which adapts based upon physiological or cardiac needs. Still seems like we're far away from a fully mechanical heart that works well, though.


Lightsaber for Christmas?

This is why you don't get your kid a lightsaber for Christmas:-P


Dublin Dr Pepper

Apparently in Dublin, Texas, Dr Pepper is still made with cane sugar, like the original recipe. Apparently the UK version of Dr Pepper also has cane sugar and tastes more like Cherry Coke (I don't remember trying Dr Pepper when I was there, unfortunately). However, through the powers of the internet, we can order this Dublin Dr Pepper and see how it tastes. Anyone want to go in on some cases with me?


Non-Newtonian Liquids

To go along with the liquid armour video from earlier, here's a couple of guys running across a small pool filled with water and cornstarch.

New Layout

The reason things look so different are because I switched to Blogger Beta and had to update everything. No worries, I stuck in most of the old layout stuff, so it's not too terribly different.

Liquid Armour

This is an interesting video of kevlar that has been treated with a liquid that hardens upon agitation -- making bullet-proof clothing that is only slightly heavier than standard clothing.

Freeze Prank

This is what would happen if everyone in a store was in on a prank against customers, pretending to freeze while they were in motion.

Mini + Skiis + Rockets = ???

Popular Science wondered what a Mini Cooper on skiis being propelled by rockets would do going down an Olympic ski jump.

Charlie Brown Christmas by the Cast of Scrubs

Charlie Brown Christmas - Performed by the Cast of Scrubs. It's pretty funny.

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