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Bluetooh phones and Linux

found this very helpful guide if you're interested in using your bluetooh phone with linux.
That gives me one less reason to boot into windows.


US reversal on Iran intel reflects breaking of the ranks

Iran: Look guys, you're saying some threatening things and we just want to point out that we don't have nuclear weapons.
USA: Please give up your nuclear weapons.
Iran: But we don't..we don't have any...
USA: Give up your weapons or else!
Iran: Like I said, we don't have any nuclear weapons!

USA moves towards Iran


*zapping noises are heard*

Iran: AHHH!!!! AHH!!!!

2 years later...

USA: Hey guys, anybody ever find any of those nukes? No?? Oh...guess they were telling the truth...


Cat + Zero Gravity = Bad Idea?

No, it's a hilarious idea! Observe:

Heaven at a Premium

This website is reserving spots in heaven. Trouble thinking of a Christmas gift? Got a Secret Santa coming up? Well reserve them a spot in heaven! A gift that will keep on giving... after they die... assuming they believe in heaven... and aren't offended by the idea of paying to reserve a spot in heaven... or even offended by the idea of reserving a spot in heaven, period. But hey, it beats buying a star!


Pregnant woman held down, tasered

What's with all the tasering lately?


Windows Tip

I recently ran into a problem trying to print out my gmail inbox from my computer. I can use firefox's print but it only prints the headers. After some searching on the easternets I discovered that you can use ALT + PRINT SCREEN to copy just the highlighted window to the clipboard. Much nicer than using print screen by itself and having to cut it all down to get what you want. Then All I had to do was paste it into word and print the thing out.
Now you know, and knowing is half the battle.


Tea Party 07

This video was really well made:


Fix your parents computer with lifehacker

Lifehacker put together two great resources for fixing the computers that your parents/ relatives/ siblings/ uneducated friends have inevitably broken since the last time you were home.

Lifehacker's Thanksgiving PC Rescue Kit (17MB)
Small enough to fit on a flash drive but packed with a bunch of great programs to clean out the junk.

  • Ad-Aware - Removes Adware
  • ClamWin - Open source antivirus, much less annoying than Norton
  • Spybot S&D - Removes Spyware
  • Spyware Blaster - Prevents future spyware
  • CCleaner - Cleans the cache, temp files, cookies, system logs, startup programs. Definately helps speed things up

Full Walkthrough
Complete Step by step to cleaning up the computer. Everything from spyware to firewalls and firefox.

Happy T-day.


Oops, the cameras were rolling?

According to this: Oil leaders' private debate televised by mistake, tomorrow might not be such a good day for gas prices or the dollar. I already pay at least $3.60 a gallon for diesel as it is anyway, so I won't be terribly surprised once it goes up to $4 a gallon. I will be terribly broke, however, so I really need to finish my WVO filter.


Brain or Machine?

Interesting article on the world record holder for math, who solved the 13th root of a 200 digit number in less then 2 minutes. A rather scary quote from the article:

"Sometimes when I do multiplication my brain works so fast that I need to take medication.'

Mario Cake

ok, so there's been plenty of gaming themed cakes before, but this is the best one I've seen. The entire level of world 1-1 from Super Mario Bros. Definitely gets my vote.

Chinese controlling the weather

An interesting look at how China plans to control the weather for the next Olympics to prevent rain. A few thoughts come to mind- If rain can be prevented for the sake of the Olympics, can't this branch of science also find ways to create rain in drought stricken areas that need it? And if this happens, what if we get into duels between people wishing to cause and prevent rain? Will the clouds just get confused and blow up? Armageddon?


Election 2008

I want a presidential election where I have a hard time deciding on who to vote for not because one candidate is less evil than the other, but because both candidates are actually the right person for the job.


DDR&E Wearable Power Supply Contest

I was finally able to sign up for the DDR&E Wearable Power Supply Contest. I was having trouble getting the page to load, turns out Comcast's DNS servers suck (they were also preventing me from accessing my timecard for Google). Anywho, the purpose of the contest is this:


Demonstrate a wearable electric power system prototype that:

* Operates continuously for 96 hours
* has a total weight of all components including energy source and attachments of 4 kg or less
* attaches to a garment (vest)
* provides 20W average electric power for 96 hours with peak operation up to 200W

Prize Purse (U. S. Dollars)

* 1st place - $1,000,000
* 2nd place - $500,000
* 3rd place - $250,000

If you're knowledgeable in chemistry, electronics, engineering, or anything you think is helpful and would like to join the team, please let me know. I'm currently still in the beginning phases, but the contest is in a year from today, so we need to begin testing shortly. Sponsors are allowed as well, if you want to go that route. I'm registered under AoG Design.


Pepper Surgery,0,1228065.story

Apparently doctors are testing using capsaicin in surgery. For those not aware, capsaicin is the chemical in peppers which make them burn your tongue so bad it numbs. Well, now they're using them to exposed nerves in surgery as a form of numbing agent. Not only does it help during surgery, so it reduces need for post surgery painkillers. Now who wants to take bets on how long it takes for this to show up on House?


Jake and Erin's Wedding Photos

Here are the photos from Jake and Erin's Wedding. And yes, he did at one point, adorn a Spider-man mask and webslinger. But I swear I had Erin's permission first before I gave them to him and they were only allowed at the reception.

My favorite photo is probably this one:

Mainly because the image of a bride playing croquet in a wedding dress is awesome.


Today is the Day

This post is meant as a congratulations to Jake Hench, for today is his wedding day. And if he did wear the Spiderman costume, we also mourn his tragic death.

Again, congrats Mr. & Mrs. Hench!


Hugh Laurie and Stephen Fry Comedy

Long before the show "House", Hugh Laurie had a comedy show with Stephen Fry (he was in V for Vendetta as the host of the comedy show). Here are some song excerpts from that show, which was called "A Bit of Fry and Laurie". It's worth it just to see Dr House rapping.

For more comedy, check out QI. It's a British comedy/gameshow that features four panelists trying to answer nearly impossible questions. The point is to provide interesting answers, not necessarily correct ones. Obvious and incorrect answers cause the loss of points. Here's part 1 of the first episode.



I love the internet.

The RIAA shut down the private bittorrent tracker OiNK (popular for music that was hard to find, although sadly, I'd never heard of it), so the internet responded by posting the torrents on a public tracker, Piratebay and putting a "FOR-OiNK" epitaph on them.

Is it just me, or did the RIAA just make the files even more popular, easier for users to get, and harder for them to shut down? Oh, plus all the publicity generated by shutting down OiNK in the first place ftw (after all, I hadn't even heard of it till they decided to take it down).


If you're looking at flights and are curious about where the best seats are located on your plane, check out SeatGuru. They break it down by airline, plane type, etc. and list the best seats, poor seats, where power outlets are located, and more.


Jumper -- New Movie in 2008

This movie looks like it could be quite good. I like the premise of it, at least.


Halo 3 Sushi

This person who made some Halo 3 Sushi did a great job. Makes me wish I had some to eat.

Transformer Built in China from a Citroen

Some crazy guy in China decided to build a transformer from a Citroen.

Aluminum Air Battery

Aluminum air batteries are supposed to have the highest energy density of all batteries, so why not make your own and experiment.

Things required:

Aluminum Foil
Paper Towel Soaked in Salt Water
Activated Charcoal/Carbon (found in the aquarium section at stores)
Voltmeter/Lamp/Something you can tell you're making voltage with

Super-Light Plastic As Strong as Steel

Super-Light Plastic As Strong as Steel


360 Desktop

"360desktop extends your Windows® desktop as a user generated, photo-panoramic space and delivers a personalized web, free of the browser, into a virtually unlimited desktop."

apparently treats your desktop as a circle, so that if you scroll far enough, you'll end up right back at the beginning. Just what we need, more desktop space to clutter... (does sound like an awesome idea though) The beta version has been out for about a week.


And Then there's Chicago

In contrast to the post below on New Zealand's attempt at democracy, you have Chicago, which is collaborating with IBM to develop a "suspicious behavior monitoring system." This is sure to go over well...

One more reason to move to New Zealand

Aside from the penguins, there is now another great reason to move to New Zealand. They have opened up a wiki for the populace to put in their ideas for their 2008 Police Act. This is a prime idea of using technology for democracy.


Of the Papercraft Persuasion

We all know the Japanese pretty much school us on all things cool, but one way we can one up them is by making cooler things out of paper than they can. Show that origami crane who's boss by building your own Master Chief or Tux out of paper. Sure this method requires glueing and cutting but its still a heck of a lot easier than folding an origami rose.



For those of you who have had problems getting your sites to look properly in IE due to PNG issues, here are two methods to fix it:

Believe Hi-Res Mirrors

Here are some hi-res mirrors of the Believe commercial for Halo 3, if you haven't gotten a chance to see it yet.

My favorite is the Museum ad, seen below:

Google Launches Gadget Ads

Google Launches Gadget Ads

"The main benefits of the new format: it's easy to create a gadget using Google's API, the gadget can be stored and/or cached on Google's severs and people can add the gadgets they like to Google's personalized homepage. "Gadget ads can incorporate real-time data feeds, images, video and much more in a single creative unit and can be developed using Flash, HTML or a combination of both. Designed to act more like content than a typical ad, they run on the Google content network, competing alongside text, image and video ads for placement," says Google (my emphasis)."

Content aware image resizing tools excite blogosphere

Content aware image resizing tools excite blogosphere

"Digital image editing has always been a challenge; it's difficult to transform a 300x600 image to 100X500 image without cropping out something important or distorting the original image. The ingenious Shai Avidan and Ariel Shamir have created an amazing digital photo editing tool that is content aware. Using a process they call "Seam Carving," the tool preserves the most vital parts of an image and removes the unimportant parts when you resize it. Their method was presented in a paper at SIGGRAPH 2007. An online demo video has the blogosphere whipped up in geeky excitement, and is definitely worth watching. Adobe just hired Avidan along with a couple of other digital imaging innovators, which has Photoshop users ecstatic with the prospect of this feature being included in a future version."

A Step Closer to Creating Artificial Life

A Step Closer to Creating Artificial Life

"To the untrained eye, the tiny, misshapen, fatty blobs on Giovanni Murtas's microscope slide would not look very impressive. But when the Italian scientist saw their telltale green fluorescent glint he knew he had achieved something remarkable — and taken a vital step towards building a living organism from scratch. The green glow was proof that his fragile creations were capable of making their own proteins, a crucial ability of all living things and vital for carrying out all other aspects of life."

New Wonder Weed to Fuel Cars?

New Wonder Weed to Fuel Cars?

"Jatropha, an ugly, fast-growing and poisonous weed that has been used as a remedy for constipation, may someday power your car. The plant, resilient to pests and resistant to drought, produces seeds with up to 40 per cent oil content that when crushed can be burned in a diesel car while the residue can be processed into biomass for power plants. Although jatropha has been used for decades by farmers in Africa as a living fence because its smell and taste repel grazing animals, the New York Times reports that jatropha may replace biofuels like ethanol that require large amounts of water, fertilizer, and energy, making their environmental benefits limited. Jatropha requires no pesticides, little water other than rain and no fertilizer beyond the nutrient-rich seed cake left after oil is pressed from its nuts. Poor farmers living close to the equator are planting jatropha on millions of acres spurred on by big oil companies like British Petroleum that are investing in jatropha cultivation."

Flowchart: The Science of Gangsta Rap

Flowchart: The Science of Gangsta Rap. Pretty funny stuff:)

Pack Like a Pro with the Bundled Wrapping Method - Lifehacker

Pack Like a Pro with the Bundled Wrapping Method. Apparently it reduces wrinkles and compacts all your clothing into a nice bundle.

Netscape's new social news site revealed

Netscape's new social news site revealed. Apparently it's called Propeller.

10,000 Color Changing Balls In Rome

Someone decided 10.000 changing-color light globes at the Circo Massimo in Rome would look pretty cool. I'd say they were right.

Formable Furniture reconfigures itself with wire cables

Formable Furniture reconfigures itself with wire cables

"Reed Crawford's Formable Furniture consists of "a couple of interlocking pieces that stiffen at the pull of a wire cable. By manipulating the tension, you can make all kinds of crazy shapes strong enough to act as shelving, seating, or flooring.""

Dixie Cup Dodecahedron

Dixie Cup Dodecahedron. Not sure what use it is, but it looks cool anyway.

Remixed propaganda poster photoshopping contest

Remixed propaganda poster photoshopping contest.

Magicians innovate without IP law

Magicians innovate without IP law. Forget copyright and patents, we need honour and shame to protect intellectual property. Maybe some seppuku thrown in for good measure.

"Jacob Loshin, a law student at Yale, drafter a paper exploring how stage magicians protect the secrets behind their tricks, and continue to come up with great new ideas, without getting caught up in the insanity of intellectual property law. Basically, magicians police themselves based on a set of norms for treating secrets, presentation styles, and techniques of making magic. Violate the norms by, say, stealing a trick or not giving credit where it's due and you'll be shamed and shunned by your fellow magicians."

What's a Goog ?!

I read about Goog411 a little while ago, but just know got a chance to use. If your phone doesn't have internet than its the perfect solution to finding business information for free. Its your basic 411 service but with some added googly features. The best feature is that you can search local business' by type, like "pizza delivery", and it will give you a list and then you choose one for more info. The service will automatically connect you, also free, and if you like will send you a text of the business info. Or if your phone does have internet it can send you a map of the business location. All for free how sweet is that.

The number: 1-800-GOOG-411
Check out this corny video for basically the same info in a wackier manner.

Man Claims He Made Fuel From Salt Water

It's been a few months since someone tried to make a free energy claim, so here's a guy saying he got electricity from salt water using radio frequencies. Not sure if it works or not, if it does, it'd be quite the discovery. My bets are on us not hearing about this again because it turns out to be a fake or some previously understood phenomena.

"This sounds a wee bit nutty, but an article in Sunday's Pittsburgh Post-Gazette tells the story of an Erie, Pennsylvania man who created a 3,000-degree flame by exposing salt water to radio frequencies.

The guy, according to the story, was trying to desalinate seawater with a generator "he developed to treat cancer," when he noticed a flash in the test tube.

Within days, he had the salt water in the test tube burning like a candle, as long as it was exposed to radio frequencies.

His discovery has spawned scientific interest in using the world's most abundant substance as clean fuel, among other uses.

Halo 3 Bungie Weekly Update

The Bungie Weekly Update on Halo 3 has some pretty funny links.

Resident Evil Numa Numa

Resident Evil Numa Remake

Bamboo Skateboards

The Washington Post has an article up called Greening the Gear that talks about bamboo longboards, among other things.

Voice-Stress Ice Cream Dispenser

Voice-stress ice-cream dispenser increases portions for the miserable. Who doesn't like ice cream when they're having a bad day?

Rez, Ikaruga, Exit confirmed for Xbox Live Arcade

Rez, Ikaruga, Exit confirmed for Xbox Live Arcade. Rez and Ikaruga are amazing games...from the Dreamcast, of course.

Get Out the Bear Mace, Sweetie

Get Out the Bear Mace, Sweetie

"Passenger: My daughter is burning that DVD for you. I'll drop it by when she's done it.
Station worker: Thanks! You really don't have to.
Another mother, to her toddler: Sound's like someone's breaching copyright!

Mario level that plays itself

Mario level that plays itself

The Only Mario Level That Plays Itself - Watch more free videos

Halo Nights

Halo Nights

How to price your web application

How to price your web application.

Google Lunar X PRIZE

There was a nice setup at NextFest this year that featured the Google Lunar X PRIZE.

"Google sponsors an exciting challenge to reconquer the Moon and bring interesting data from there. "Private companies from around the world will compete to land a privately funded robotic rover on the Moon that is capable of completing several mission objectives, including roaming the lunar surface for at least 500 meters and sending video, images and data back to the Earth." The prize is $30 million and the intention is to revive the interest for exploring the Moon.

"The Moon is a stepping stone to the rest of the solar system and a source of solutions to some of the most pressing environmental problems that we face on Earth – energy independence and climate change. Already, governments from around the world recognize the importance of lunar exploration, and national space agencies from the United States, Russia, China, India, Japan, and the nations of Europe plan to send probes to the Moon in the coming decade."

Google teamed up with the X PRIZE Foundation, well-known for the Ansari X PRIZE, a competition that offered $10 million to "the first non-government organization to launch a reusable manned spacecraft into space twice within two weeks". Google bought a replica of the SpaceShipOne, the winner of the Ansari X PRIZE, and installed it inside Building 43 at Googleplex.

Remember All The Video Memes

Remember All The Video Memes. Is it sad that I recognize most of these?

French art from 1910 depicting the year 2000

French art from 1910 depicting the year 2000

"Visions of The Year 2000
These labels, most probably intended to be found in food products, were presented on panels of a dozen little scenes. They illustrate the way our grandparents imagined the year 2000. The inventions meant to improve everyday life are seen side by side with more erudite or searchful vocations, but curiously the clothing fashion remains that of the Belle Epoque!

Spider-Man: Friend or Foe

Spider-Man: Friend or Foe demo swings onto Xbox Live.

Survival Cocoon Lets you Hang out in Emergencies - Gizmodo

This thing supposedly lets you survive in extreme environments and look like a pod person while doing it.

"Cocoon is a place to find shelter in extreeme [sic] conditions and environments. Hang it off a tree or a cliff face or anywhere you else you need to. Inside, the user is comforted by a warming colours and materials that will ensure they stay warm no matter what the conditions are like outside."

Backpack Straps Generate Power

Apparently intended for soldiers carrying 100 pound packs, these backpack straps generate power from the weight of the bag and your walking.

"Instead of cutting into your shoulders, these nylon-like straps convert that mechanical strain into electrical energy, and researchers have figured out that if you carry a 100-pound pack and walk at 2-3 mph you can generate 45.6 mW of power. That's enough to the power an iPod, or maybe a head-mounted flashlight. But a 100-pound pack? They're saying that's a typical weight for soldiers to carry. That'll make you think twice about signing up to go to Iraq."

Halo 3 ending leaked onto net

Apparently from one of the individuals that won the eBay auction, the Halo 3 ending has leaked onto net. I'm trying to avoid accidentally reading it somewhere, but it's going to be difficult, since I read so many feeds from everywhere.

LazyLibrary searches Amazon for short books

No one seems to have the time to sit down and read War & Peace these days, so LazyLibrary searches Amazon for books under 200 pages long.

Pandora's Battery - Software to un-brick/downgrade EVERY PSP

Pandora's Battery - Software to un-brick/downgrade EVERY PSP - just like Sony's JigKick! With a spare battery and a Memory Stick Pro Duo, you can pretty much fix any busted PSP. The only downside is that you need to know someone who already has a modded PSP to install the stuff on your battery and memory stick.

Dynasty Warriors 6 Screenshots

Jake and I are big fans of the Dynasty Warriors series, so I assume one of us will be getting Dynasty Warriors 6 when it comes out.

Amazon FPS

Amazon Flexible Payments Service allows you to use Amazon's payment system in your web application or site to handle transactions down to the microtransaction level ($.01 is the minimum). For an overview, check out Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Amazon’s New FPS.

To get started in Amaazon FPS, check out one of the examples or the PHP library.

The Xbox 360 Red Ring of Death T-shirt

Capitalizing on the abundance of dying Xbox 360s and evoking HAL from 2001: A Space Odyssey, this shirt has the terrifying red ring of death, signifying your Xbox's untimely demise and states, "I'm afraid I can't let you play that, Dave."

I wasn't able to find the shirt on Amazon yet, but I found the rest of Splitreason's shirts, including a gnome one that says "Friends don't let friends be gnomes."

Cool bathrooms at New York's Bar 89

Apparently through an electric current going through the glass when you lock the door, cool bathroom stall doors change from clear to opaque.

"If you go looking for the restrooms at Bar 89 in SoHo, instead of a private room for women and a separate one for men, you'll encounter an open area upstairs with a row of hi-tech looking stalls. Through the glass doors, you can see the toilet and sink lit up in red and blue. I observed someone going into one of them, and when they closed the door, after a second or two, the glass door became opaque and the word "occupied" lit up at the top of the door. I entered a stall, saw that I could still see the guy sitting on the sofa across from me, and assuming that I was no more invisible to him than he was to me, quickly exited."

Whole Bunch of Purty Page Turn Designs

Here is a nice list of simulated page turning designs using flash. These are the things that when you roll over a corner it folds over and if you drag it it'll turn the page over. Only one of them seems to be a pay one and that's the one.

Page Turning Interfaces

Master Banking

Where do you think Master Chief gets all the money to buy his fancy armor and crazy guns. In between fragging alien scum, Ol Master Chief runs down to First Mutual Bank to get some green stuff. While I doubt this photo is official Microsoft advertisement they have put out a whole heap of crazy stuff in the past few weeks.


WHOIS and Reverse IP Service

This WHOIS and Reverse IP Service is useful for finding all the domains hosted by a certain IP address. So if for example, you're trying to see some of your competitor's work, you just go to the IP address of one of their sites and see all the others they host as well...

PGL's Halo 3 Preparation Guide

Here is a funny Halo 3 Preparation Guide.


The "Better-Half" Tips

* By Sunday Night, 9/23, do all the laundry in your house, on your own, with no help. This will eliminate the likelihood that you will hear "you could at least have done some laundry while you were home."
* Finish at least two chores you started in 2001. It's going to be inevitable that the second your better-half leaves for work, she or he will call you with an idea: "You know, I still don't have that area for crafts in the garage you promised, and you're home today..." Have some leverage.
* Take the partner out to dinner, starting now, ending Sunday. The technical term is "buttering up."
* You've got launch day off, but that's not good enough. You need at least one pre-launch day off with the family to make up for catching Halo-tosis and staying home sick on the 25th. Trust us.
* Buy your better half something to keep them busy. They've wanted a kitten, a ring, a car? Who cares, it's worth it.

Cory Doctorow imagines a world in which Google is evil

What if Google were evil? The topic of this short story by Cory Doctorow (author of Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom) is hopefully one that will never come to pass.

Sample from the Story:

"Evening," Greg said, handing the man his sweaty passport. The officer grunted and swiped it, then stared at his screen, tapping. A lot. He had a little bit of dried food at the corner of his mouth and his tongue crept out and licked at it.

"Want to tell me about June 1998?"

Greg looked up from his Departures. "I'm sorry?"

"You posted a message to alt.burningman on June 17, 1998, about your plan to attend a festival. You asked, 'Are shrooms really such a bad idea?'"

The interrogator in the secondary screening room was an older man, so skinny he looked like he'd been carved out of wood. His questions went a lot deeper than shrooms.

"Tell me about your hobbies. Are you into model rocketry?"


"Model rocketry."

"No," Greg said, "No, I'm not." He sensed where this was going.

The man made a note, did some clicking. "You see, I ask because I see a heavy spike in ads for rocketry supplies showing up alongside your search results and Google mail."

Greg felt a spasm in his guts. "You're looking at my searches and e-mail?" He hadn't touched a keyboard in a month, but he knew what he put into that search bar was likely more revealing than what he told his shrink.

"Sir, calm down, please. No, I'm not looking at your searches," the man said in a mocking whine. "That would be unconstitutional. We see only the ads that show up when you read your mail and do your searching. I have a brochure explaining it. I'll give it to you when we're through here.

VOCALOID 2: Anime Song Generator

VOCALOID 2: Anime Song Generator.

"Vocaloid is a technology and application software developed by Yamaha that enables users to synthesize authentic-sounding singing by just typing in the melody and the lyrics of a song. Yamaha announced its development in 2003, and in 2004 the first application software product was launched. It was not released as a Yamaha product, but a software package of Vocaloid Singer Libraries developed by third party licensees (Zero-G and Crypton) which included Yamaha's Vocaloid software."

RS Media Robot

Anyone actually seen a RS Media - Robosapien Media Robot in stores? I'd like one at some point to add to my robotics collection.

"The RS Media is another product in WowWee's line of biomorphic robots, based on a walking system designed by Mark Tilden. The RS Media uses basically the same body as the Robosapien V2, but a different brain based on a Linux kernel. As the name implies, the RS Media's focus is on multimedia capabilities, including the ability to record and playback audio, pictures and video. It retains and builds upon the Robosapien V2's sensor array and programmability."

Update: Nevermind, I found it at Amazon

Pervasive Health Monitor

This Pervasive Health Monitor is a cool bluetooth health recorder and transmitter. There's a video on Hack a Day that explains it better.

The Note Toaster

This toaster lets you burn notes you write, into your toast.

NES Controller Cellphone

How to make your very own NES Controller Cellphone

How to make Gingerbread Pumpkin Whoopie Pies

How to make Gingerbread Pumpkin Whoopie Pies. Mmm, these look and sound quite tasty.

Run Your Car on Hydrogen from Aluminum Soda Cans and Lye

Run Your Car on Hydrogen from Aluminum Soda Cans and Lye. Just a test of concept, but very interesting nonetheless.

blueprintcss - CSS Framework

blueprintcss is a CSS framework that is supposed to make coding pages easier. It breaks things up with a grid to allow you to position objects. Unlike Tripoli, which is more like a reset, this is actually a framework to build off of.

Tripoli - a CSS standard for HTML rendering

I found Tripoli at some point in my web designing exploration. It works somewhat like a master reset (or master.css, if you've used that reset stylesheet before) to neutralize browser formatting and help your site look the same under multiple browsers and OSes:

"Tripoli is a CSS standard for HTML rendering. By resetting and rebuilding browser standards, Tripoli forms a stable, cross-browser rendering foundation for your web project"

Stylegala - Web Design Publication

Stylegala has all sorts of interesting web design tips and tricks, along with some free examples.

Attack of the glowing tomatoes

In time for Halloween and not content with just having glowing pumpkins, this handy guide shows you how to make glowing tomatoes.

Blog Updates: GO!

I think I'm going to go on a posting binge and start posting a ton of things up tonight and tomorrow in an effort to:

A.) Reduce the number of tabs I have open in Firefox by reading and posting the things I have open and
B.) Try to get my Google Reader feed items down to a manageable number. Somehow I think "1000's" is just as bad as, or worse, than when it said "100's"

Wish me luck, this could get crazy.

Crazy Robot Model

I stumbled upon this crazy robot model that was custom made and thought it was neat enough to warrant a blog post.


WIRED NextFest 2007 Photo Slideshow

Here is a handy photo slideshow from the photos Amber and I have taken at WIRED NextFest 2007 in Los Angeles, Ca. If you have any questions about anything, post it in the comments and I'll give a nice description of the photo and what the heck the things in it are. Some of the photos are crazy blurry...they had the oddest lighting in there, so it was a little hard to try to get a photo without blinding everything with the flash (next time I have to bring a real flash and a diffuser).

Created with flickrSLiDR.

The rest of the photos so far are in this Flickr Photoset.


Super Robot Gallery Bonanza

Engadget put together a huge gallery of the robots at NextFest. The most interesting of which just may be the Android clone of Zou Renti. I had to look at the comments to see which was what. Can you guess which is which?

NextFest: Electronics draw first blood over Human Menace

It would seem that the inventor of the Killacycle took his little baby out for a joy ride at NextFest when the throttle stuck and left him helplessly flying down the road on this electric dragster. The whole thing came to conclusion when he hit a minivan. The rider is doing quite well though he's been better and it seems as the Killacycle will make it out of the crash too. Check out the video, if you're into that sort of thing.
What have we learned? Don't get onto Electric dragsters that can go 0-60 in less than a second, especially if said dragster is named Killacycle.


Gearing up for NextFest

Well Rob's headed to NextFest this weekend and here are a few of the sweet action robots he'll be seeing including the totally awesome mech robot, which they claim is just to ride around on but could definatly be useful with a bulletproof cage and a minigun on it.


Possible Halo3 Copies Sold on eBay

Two possible copies of Halo 3 have surfaced on eBay, two weeks before it is due to be released. The auctions show images from the items inside the game box, leading to more credibility. One of the auctions was taken offline, but this one looks like the bidding ended with Buy It Now.

Before Halo 2 was released, a French retail copy was leaked onto the internet, now apparently it's Australia.

NextFest 2007

Amber and I will be attending WIRED's NextFest in Los Angeles, California this year, so stay tuned for coverage from the event. I'll be having Jake post photos and video as I have them


Useful Tutorials and Tools for Web Design

Over the process of redesigning AoG Design, I found a few helpful guides and tools that might be useful to others:

Photoshop Guides

Domain Tools


  • Icon Drawer - amazing icons which inspired me to make a few custom ones for AoG Design.

  • Expression Engine - a really cool PHP CMS that I might use in the future to redo all of my sites.

  • Redesigning the ExpressionEngine Site - an article written by the guy who designed the Code Igniter and Expression Engine sites, really interesting read

  • PageRank Guide

  • Mountain Dew Game Fuel - Surprisingly tasty Mountain Dew (I usually don't like the stuff) that helped me stay up till 7:30am working on the site the first night

  • Lorum Ipsum Generator - let's you create random filler text without typing "fjdkafjkfldja" over and over again. As a bonus, the text even looks cool


10 Things to do with Lemons

Here is a handy list of 10 Things to do with Lemons. For example, cut a lemon in half and stick it in the dishwasher to help give the dishes a fresh smell.

How to Use Chopsticks in Seven Easy Steps

If you're still having trouble every time you go to an Asian restaurant: How to Use Chopsticks in Seven Easy Steps.

Creating a Halo Hunter Costume

This guy decided to create a Hunter from Halo costume. Hunters are the huge blue Covenant with the shields, in case you forgot. It looks like he's off to a great start, he even has a nice plasma rifle created.

First Google Health Screenshots

Thought this was interesting: First Google Health Screenshots. I guess Google will allow you to keep track of your health information to allow it to be shared easily with your doctors.

Google Filters - Search Engine Optimization

Here is a handy list of Google Filters that search engine optimization people apparently fear. Not sure how real some of them are, but most of them can't hurt to watch out for.

Plush hedgehog CD case

I thought this Plush hedgehog CD case was pretty cute. Especially if you name it Sonic.

Ruby on Rails Reference 1.1.2

Here is a huge Ruby on Rails Reference for anyone who needs it. It has pretty much most of the references you'd need to look up if you're new to coding in RoR.

Build a 15,000 rpm Tesla Turbine using hard drive platters

Build a 15,000 rpm Tesla Turbine using hard drive platters. A tesla turbine is a type of bladeless turbine that works with flat discs, as opposed to propellers. It can run off of steam, compressed gas, etc. and is supposed to be ridiculously efficient if you create it properly.


Explanation for the Post Below

I saw having a creative writing contest requiring the use of 10 words. Since the words really seemed to fit with the Robipedia entry I originally wrote on John, I figured I'd re-adapt it for use in the contest.

John Vines Modified Robipedia Entry - Creative Writing Challenge

Birth & Salad Days

John (born December 6, 1985, at 5:42 PM)

John "John Vines" Vines, aka √(α−e²) was originally born in Kew Gardens, England, the son of a fifth column militant. However, there was much controversy over his birth and some believe that he may have been spawned, much like salmon and halibut are. There is also a widespread belief that he wasn't even born in England, but in the US. Either way, John's life was one adventure to the next.

Despite what the title says, John was actually born on Febtober 18, 2026 at the result of his posthumous voodoo magic to cover up the fact that he doesn't actually exist.

After swimming his way away from the womb (since he was born in the Thames), John embarked on his first adventure, at the age of 2 weeks old. Lacking suitable food in the Thames (the fish were actually larger than him at this point, considering him food), John swam to shore. Upon reaching the shore, John promptly snatched up a raccoon and, combining it with some nearby vegetables into gazpacho, ate it whole; earning him the nickname Jimbolaya.

Living off a diet of raccoons and the occasional pickled chicken foot, John grew into a strong, healthy toddler, albeit a feral one. While John did not have any language skills at this time, save for the ones he learned from communicating with grasshoppers, he did manage to earn an honorary degree at Oxford for his work in nuclear reactions.

The Lost Years

No one really knows what happened to John during this time period. After successfully swimming across Interstate 74 as the result of a bet, he fell into a ditch. When the emergency response team arrived on the scene to rescue him, the ditch had mysteriously vanished. Some scholars contend that there really was no ditch and that John was actually hit by a car; either way, John Vines began his start to abscond into obscurity, disappearing for close to 2 years.

Much speculation has resulted from these mysterious circumstances. A minority of John Vines scholars say that he was thrust back in time where he invented the Waffle Iron and several types of wire sponges, but this theory lacks support. Another more popular theory states that John Vines developed amnesia and was taken in by a family of traveling taxidermists. It was during this time, they say, that John learned the meaning of true love.

There are several myths regarding The Lost Years that have gained a surprising amount of believers. In Brazil, for example, an elderly women saw an image of John Vines in her toaster; she claimed that the image, after viewing her horripilation, he told her to "Shut up!" and promptly disappeared. The aftermath of this event resulted in the formation of a new religion, Johnarianism, whose practitioners use that very utterance in prayer and meditation.

Another strange group of people believe that John possessed such ambition that he temporarily transcended the constraints of our dimension, falling into a dimension ruled by evil clowns. It was this experience, they say, that resulted in John's adulthood fear of Capri pants. As he greatly enjoys fear, to this day, John becomes agog at the mention of the words "clam digger", even if it is in reference to the popular game. Once again, this theory has little evidence behind it and is probably the result of several nutty fortune tellers throwing cats at a wall.

It is unlikely that we will ever know what really happened during John Vines' Lost Years, due to his vow of silence, he has refused to communicate through any method, barring flatulence. Even the greatest translators cannot decipher his complex message, although there have been good results in attempting to communicate through basic sign language, much like you would with a simian. Unfortunately, due to the great fug that generally envelopes any room John is in, most researchers cannot spend more than 2 minutes attempting communication.

However, it was during this period that John created his opus, consisting not only of random grunts, whines, and squeaks, but also using the flatulence he so readily employed at a moment's notice.

Current Years

John is now attending college and his language skills have expanded to include English, Portugeuse, Esperanto, PHP, and several more I just made up on the spot, like Fallafdsiisakkl. He also is minoring in Film and majoring in Computers in the Kitchen, a new degree offered by his college.


Daily Book Bits

For those of us who find ourselves with time to kill at work but can't sit at our desk with a paperback book out theres a fancy new site out there. DailyLit will send you snippets of your favorite creative commons book to your e-mail or rss feed every day. Or if you find the snippet too small they will send you several a day. The best part is that you don't have to sign up for them to do this. So head on over and read something.


Salsa Dancing at Casa Toro In Coopersburg, Pa

Last night (Friday), was dancing at Casa Toro in Coopersburg, Pa. Casa Toro is a Mexican restaurant in the King's shopping center right off of 309. On Fridays around 9pm, the tables are cleared out of the way and the center of the restaurant becomes a dance floor, complete with instructors. We did a bunch of dance styles, like salsa, merengue, and a crazy type of line dance.

The food is pretty tasty as well. A helpful tip is not to try to eat the corn husk the tamales are wrapped in. Despite my attempts, it's just not chewable. That's just what it's cooked in:-P It's probably edible, but you'll never get it to tear to swallow it (feel free to prove me wrong).



Homeslyce allows you and your roommates to pick items and furnishings you'd want to get for your apartment and then splits the cost between you.

Cheap PCBs from China

This guy has a detailed process on how to have your very own custom printed circuit boards fabricated for cheap from China.

BEAM bots with complex behaviors

BEAM bots with complex behaviors. BEAM stands for "Biology, Electronics, Aesthetics, and Mechanics. This is a term that refers to a style of robotics that primarily uses simple analog circuits instead of a microprocessor in order to produce an unusually simple design (in comparison to traditional mobile robots) that trades flexibility for robustness and efficiency in performing the task for which it was designed. Exceptions to the convention of using only analog electronics do exist and these are often colloquially referred to as "mutants"." To read more, here is the BEAM Robotics Wikipedia article.

How to make your own LED bulbs

How to make your own LED bulbs. This step-by-step guide with photos shows you how to create an LED bulb out of an old halogen bulb.

Transform your Photos into a Mosaic

Transform your Photos into a Mosaic.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Guide by Chris Beasley

I found this pretty cool Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Guide that will contains a lot of information and useful tips (for free) for those interested in learning more about SEO.


Website Updates

My company page at AoG Design has been redesigned, let me know what you think.

I'm also helping out a little bit with Arlington Cemetery in Drexel Hill now, although more on the optimizing end rather than the designing end. Either way, things seem to be going fairly well. If you know anyone that needs a website or wants their site optimized for search engines, let me know:)


Robotics Update

Time for a Robotics Update:

Dosh Waterproof Wallet

The Dosh Waterproof Wallet is a polymer constructed wallet that is flexible, waterproof (obviously), and contains several handy pockets and compartments, including one for memory/sim cards.

Waboba Ball

The Waboba Ball is a ball that is designed to actually bounce on top of water, much like a tennis ball bounces on cement. There are some videos and it looks like a pretty cool product. They also make a towel that is supposed to be so absorbent, you can throw it in your bag while it's wet and it won't get any of your stuff wet.

Computer Learns Baby Talk in Any Language

Researchers have made a computer that can learn baby talk in any language, raising questions on how much of our brain is actually hardwired for language and how much is learned from the environment.

3D Box Shot Maker

If you develop software or some sort of web product, maybe this program would help: the 3D Box Shot Maker by BossEye. It allows you to make professional looking box art for your would-be software product or idea. It's free and for Windows.

Synfig 2D Animation Editor

Synfig is a 2D animation editor that can be used to make movies/videos or still frame animation. It allows you to reduce the amount of manual tweening you need to do in order to complete an animation, saving you time and reducing the number of people you need to create a movie. Looks fairly powerful with nice results. It's available for pretty much every operating system and is free, as well.


New Cavemen Show Available Online - Preair

If anyone was wondering about that Cavemen Show based on the commercials, you can download it already with bittorrent and see what you think.

62 Little Known Uses Of Vinegar

62 Little Known Uses Of Vinegar

How to make Naruto Kunai

For Jake: How to make Naruto Kunai

How to make Pumpkin juice

Since the new Harry Potter movie and book are out, I thought it'd be fun to learn How to make Pumpkin juice.

SeeqPod Music beta

SeeqPod Music beta is a nice ajax search engine for find music. Pretty cool concept.

DVC Learning Style Survey for College

DVC Learning Style Survey for College. What is your best learning style?

Lockheed's MULE Armored RC Robotic Vehicle

Lockheed's MULE Armored RC Robotic Vehicle. Looks like an interesting concept, although bigger than I expected. I also thought it was supposed to use legs, instead of wheels.

Artificial C-Leg

Robo Upgrades: Artificial C-Leg. Another limb replacement device, this time for legs.

Legos Salt and Pepper Shakers

Reuse your Legos! Salt n’ Pepper Shaker. Looks like a creative use of the popular building blocks.

i-Limb Hand

i-Limb Hand, Every Sci-Fi Movie Made Real. Gizmodo has a handy video on this robotic limb replacement.

Pimp up Google Reader with 15 Firefox hacks

Pimp up Google Reader with 15 Firefox hacks.

Amazon's Askville

Amazon has a new Question and Answer service, similar to Google Answers and Yahoo Answers: Askville.



Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Online

Someone took a camera and took pictures of all the pages of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. This is now being transcribed and the first 10 chapters are here: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows from The Pirate Bay.

Most of you probably have it pre-ordered anyway.


Air Pressure Homemade Super Soaker

Regular Super Soakers don't seem to be quite so powerful these days, so why not make your own?

Asphalt Surfing with the Carver Ultimate Truck System - Gizmodo

This is what surfing on the street looks like.

How to Actually Execute Your To-Do List: or, Why Writing It Down Doesn’t Actually Get It Done

If you've been feeling like a slacker lately, these handy little tips on how to actually get things done might help a bit.

Real Life 3rd-Person View

This guy went all out and made it so he could live life in the third person.

10 Most Beautiful Social Networks

10 Most Beautiful Social Networks. Surprise, surprise, MySpace won't be making this list.

69 Tech Blogs That Don’t Suck

An interesting list of gadget, hacker, or miscellaneous mad scientist blogs is found at 69 Tech Blogs That Don’t Suck. There are quite a few I've never heard of.

Blogger Backup

Blogger Backup allows you to backup your blog, just in case anything ever goes wrong with the server or if you are really just paranoid about losing things.


Pickles are cucumbers soaked in evil

Pickles are cucumbers soaked in evil.

Making an iPod Holder for your Car

Not that I own an iPod, but I thought the way they built this section into an iPod holder for the car was pretty cool and can easily apply to anything else you'd want to install. Examples would be a cup holder, lcd screen, other mp3 player, etc.

Cooking Hot Dogs via Electrocution

Cooking hot dogs via electrocution involves two forks, an outlet, and a cut-apart power cord. Looks pretty fun when they insert LEDs in parallel with it.

Mio Robot Dog

Sega has apparently made a new robot dog, Mio. Gotta love Sega robotics (I have an iFish).

Instructables - How to Make Mexican Hot Chocolate

How to Make Mexican Hot Chocolate. I've had this before, thanks to Bridget, and it's quite tasty.

Instructables - Build a Home Climbing Wall

Found a fun Instructable that says how to Build a Home Climbing Wall.


Google Gadget: Time in Seconds

Add to Google

I was playing around and decided to make my own gadget. It shows the current time expressed in seconds, which might not be terribly useful, but is kind of interesting, especially if you've read books by Charles Stross, like Accelerando or Singularity Sky.

It'll work for either Google Desktop or your Google homepage.

Sony Ericsson K850i

I think I found my next phone: the Sony Ericsson K850i. It has 3G, a 5-megapixel camera, and just about every cell-band in the GSM world, so I'll actually have signal in more places in the US. Unfortunately, there's no sign on when it will be released.


Swarm Behaviour

This article on Swarm Behavior talks about some of the interesting applications of this natural phenomenon utilised by fish, caribou, bees and ants. Swarm behaviour can be used in robotics, truck routes, and airplane routing, along with other areas.


Five Ideas That Will Reinvent Modern Computing

Five Ideas That Will Reinvent Modern Computing

Mercedes/Diesel Guides

If you have an older Mercedes like Jake and I, these pages might be a lot of help:

Oh, and if you're looking at converting your car to run on veggie oil, this is kind of interesting.

How to Skin Your Credit Card

Want a custom designed credit card? This cool article: Pimp My Card: How to Skin Your Student Credit Card has a method to turn your existing card into one with custom graphics. It sounds pretty cool, I'll have to try it as soon as I can get around to picking up transfer paper.

Instructables - Seven Layer Seven Grain Bread

Via Instructables: Seven Layer Seven Grain Bread eats like a sandwich and can contain things like vegetables and cheese. It looks really tasty.

Time Loops

I found a fun discussion of time loops in movies and tv shows when I was randomly browsing the net.


Top 10 science fiction novelists of the '00s, so far

Top 10 science fiction novelists of the '00s so far. Charles Stross is definitely #1 on my list.

Self-Healing Plastic Skin

Self-Healing Plastic Skin. This should make for an interesting robot skin. I've wondered why they don't use a similar method with roads and highways in order to stem the never-ending construction and road work.

Far-Fetched Time Travel Concept Receives Private Funds

Far-Fetched Time Travel Concept Receives Private Funds.


Jake and Erin's Wedding Registry

Since Jake and Erin's Wedding is approaching (October 27, 2007), I thought it might be a good idea to link to their wedding registry. So here it is, Jake and Erin's Wedding Registry.

Cigarette Lighter LED Flashlight

Most people probably have a flashlight in their car. If you're like me, the batteries in the flashlight probably haven't been replaced in ages and are close to dying or dead. That's where this handy idea comes in: the LED Cigarette Lighter Flashlight. Plug it into your cigarette lighter and it charges and is ready to go. Much easier solution than trying to figure out where you had those spare AA's (if they existed in the first place).


Wheat Flour Licorice Recipe

I found an interesting page that says how to make your own wheat flour licorice one night when I was trying to determine how Red Vines came about.

LED Turn Signals

My passenger side turn signal keeps burning out, so I'm thinking it might be time for some LED Turn Signals. Now if only I could find some decent LED headlights...


Street View in Google Maps

Google Maps now has a Street View option. It gives you a little person and you can place him on the streets and it'll bring up a 360 degree image of the area as if you were actually standing or driving there. So far it's only in a few cities, but it's a really cool idea. Maybe there will be an option to allow anyone to upload street view photos, maybe with a setting that says "unverified images" or something like that, just so that they don't have the burden of doing it all themselves.


Top 50 Logo Design Tutorials

This should be helpful if you have a business or website you're trying to create a logo for: Top 50 Logo Design Tutorials.

20 Things I Learned From The Internet

#10. Not that you would ever need to know the dietary habits of the South American anteater, but it's comforting to know you could find it online if you did.

A Dialogue Between Two Chatterbots

Discover Magazine thought it would be interesting to see a conversation between two chat programs, Alice and Jabberwacky, and the results are pretty funny.

5 Techniques for Enhancing Contrast in Digital Photos

5 Techniques for Enhancing Contrast in Digital Photos. Contrast can really affect how a photo turns out and can produce some really cool results when you experiment with things.

Fake HDR in Photoshop

Fake HDR in Photoshop -- make your photos look like drawings or paintings without taking multiple exposures or RAW photos.

70 Expert Ideas For Better CSS Coding

If you do web design or are looking to start, here are some handy tips to use while doing CSS, 70 Expert Ideas For Better CSS Coding.

Top 21 Wearable Technologies

Here are the Top 21 Wearable Technologies. There are some pretty cool ones on there, like the air guitar shirt and wearable displays.

Yapta (Beating the Airlines at Their Own Game)

Yapta (Beating the Airlines at Their Own Game). This new site (Yapta), should help anyone trying to find a trip somewhere. The best part is that if you buy plane tickets now and then the prices drop for some reason, you get the difference back as a refund. It also has a handy farewatcher. It's pretty much brand new, so I'm going to give it a try and see how things go.


The top 10 new things you can do with Photoshop CS3

There is a nice list at PCWorld with the top 10 new things you can do with Photoshop CS3. A lot of them sound really cool, hopefully I can try them out sometime.

14,000 Visitors

Cool, I just noticed that I've had 14,000 visitors to this thing since August 27, 2002. It's not a massive number, but it's still pretty neat, considering this blog started because it was assigned for a writing class and it's kept going since then.

Complete HDR How-To

Here's a handy guide to HDR using Photomatix (although you can use Photoshop as well) and here are some example shots I took while playing around.

Top 5 Creepiest Robot Clones

Here are the top 5 creepiest robot clones. I actually saw Robo-Einstein and Jules at the NextFest in New York, they were pretty cool, especially watching Jules' eyes track faces in the crowd, that was crazy, almost like a Terminator type thing going on from what I saw on the laptop screen. Of course, he was just a torso, so I wouldn't worry about him trying to cause a robot rebellion just yet.

Some of these approach the "uncanny valley". And I'm still not entirely sure which is the robot in that picture of the man sitting next to his clone.

Gecko-Like Wall-Climbing Robot

This wall-climbing robot uses the same type of adhesive as gecko feet in order to climb up walls, albeit with more wheel-like motions than running, but it's still pretty cool. They're apparently trying to figure out how geckos keep their feet clean while walking in dirt. This article seems to suggest that the gecko's feet are cleaned by the wall itself, as the gecko is climbing, so it should work similarly for the robot.

The five biggest neuroscience developments of the year

This interesting article talks about the five biggest neuroscience developments of the year: mind reading, neural alteration of morals, medicalization of sexual orientation, vegetative consciousness, and artificial intelligence progress.


Online Cemetery Management

The site I'm currently helping with, Web Cemeteries, is an online cemetery management page. It's kind of morbid, but it is a good idea. Cemeteries can have maps of graves and memorial services. Web Cemeteries has several cemeteries already and looks like it'll make searching through multiple cemeteries easy for genealogists and individuals looking for loved ones. Plus it'll help prevent records from being lost in fires or damaged.

Amazon Deals