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PGL's Halo 3 Preparation Guide

Here is a funny Halo 3 Preparation Guide.


The "Better-Half" Tips

* By Sunday Night, 9/23, do all the laundry in your house, on your own, with no help. This will eliminate the likelihood that you will hear "you could at least have done some laundry while you were home."
* Finish at least two chores you started in 2001. It's going to be inevitable that the second your better-half leaves for work, she or he will call you with an idea: "You know, I still don't have that area for crafts in the garage you promised, and you're home today..." Have some leverage.
* Take the partner out to dinner, starting now, ending Sunday. The technical term is "buttering up."
* You've got launch day off, but that's not good enough. You need at least one pre-launch day off with the family to make up for catching Halo-tosis and staying home sick on the 25th. Trust us.
* Buy your better half something to keep them busy. They've wanted a kitten, a ring, a car? Who cares, it's worth it.

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